Su Xi-er smiled. “How could this servant dare to cry out against injustice? What does Nanzhao’s Eldest Imperial Princess have to do with this servant?”


“If she had been a man, she would definitely have sublime accomplishments. Yun Ruofeng wouldn’t even match up to half of her.” Pei Qianhao stated with much certainty. This was his highest appraisal towards a woman up until now.


“Prince Hao, this servant is tired and wishes to rest earlier.” Su Xi-er didn’t want to continue talking with him. The conversation had already unsettled her heart, and she was afraid that he would discover that something was wrong.


Pei Qianhao nodded in consent, and Su Xi-er bowed before leaving. Her Earth Word Room was in another wing of the inn.


The Earth Word Room was at the furthest corner on the second floor. The room was smaller, with only a bed and a set of tables and chairs placed in it.


Su Xi-er was just about to close the door when she saw two middle-aged men walking out from another room.


“Prince Hao is actually going to Nanzhao’s state banquet this time. I wonder if he will request to marry the Eldest Imperial Princess?”


“The current Eldest Imperial Princess is Ning Anlian. I wonder what she looks like? With all the rumours about the Ning Imperial Household producing beauties, she must surely be extremely beautiful!!”


“That’s precisely why the possibility of Prince Hao requesting to marry her is higher. Who doesn’t know what Prince Hao likes beauties.” The man suddenly raised his head and happened to see Su Xi-er.


With just a glance, he was frozen in place. His eyes stared ahead blankly, while the saliva almost flowed out of his mouth.


The other man was just about to laugh at him when he followed his gaze and was completely stunned.


Where did this beauty come from? I’m afraid that even Imperial Princess Anlian can’t match up to her right?


Su Xi-er’s slender eyebrows were slightly scrunched up as she simply closed the door. She had noticed the longing and lasciviousness in the men’s eyes, making her feel nauseous.


Right after she had closed the door however, it was forcefully broken down with a kick. The two men then rushed in, throwing a pile of silvers on the table.


“Beauty, accompany us brothers nicely today. If your service is comfortable, these silvers will be all yours!” The two exchanged glances with one another before immediately attacking Su Xi-er from both directions.


Su Xi-er’s dodged nimbly as she swiftly came to the side of the table, secretly stowing away a pair of scissors that had been lying on top of it in her sleeve.


“Take care that you two do not die tragically if you try to approach me again.” There was a dangerous gleam in Su Xi-er’s eyes, causing the two men to stiffen.


A moment later, the two laughed while harbouring ill intentions. “We won’t die tragically, but we will die pleasurably.”


Without another word, the two pounced over again.


With Su Xi-er’s body having yet to recover, it was inevitable that evading the two took a toll on her strength. When they pounced over once again, she was reminded of the day she was in the prison. She had been shackled by iron chains, facing a jailer who hid malicious intentions...


In an instant, resentment roared to life in Su Xi-er’s eyes. She exerted all her strength as she danced across the floor, pulling out the scissors from her sleeve and slashing it across both men’s throats.


With shrieks of “ah,” the two men had already collapsed to the ground, their blood flowing profusely as their bodies continuously twitched.


The commotion upstairs was too enormous, alerting everyone. Pei Qianhao ordered Wu Ling to stop everyone on the first floor and went upstairs alone.


During this time, Su Xi-er simply stood in place, her eyes as deep as bottomless wells. The only sound that could be heard was the liquid dripping to the floor from the bloodsoaked scissors.


When Pei Qianhao saw Su Xi-er again, it was exactly this scene that greeted him.


Without asking, Pei Qianhao deduced what had happened and immediately began to walk towards Su Xi-er.


But Su Xi-er raised the scissors and aimed them at him, rancour written across her face. 


“Put down the scissors.” Pei Qianhao’s deep and low voice sounded as his slender and long fingers landed on the scissors.


Clang! The scissors dropped to the floor. Su Xi-er knew that she hadn’t restrained her emotions and had killed.


Pei Qianhao didn’t utter a word, reaching out his arm to take her into his embrace.


His wide shoulders were overflowing with warmth. Su Xi-er didn’t care about anything and greedily inhaled the smell on his body, using both her hands to hug him very tightly.


“Don’t hold it in. Just cry if you want to.” Pei Qianhao’s gentle words touched Su Xi-er’s heartstrings. 


How can I cry when I have long lost the right to do so? I only want to make those who have harmed me cry!

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