However, Pei Qianhao remained still. Su Xi-er heaved a sigh of relief and carefully straightened out his clothes, fastening the buttons and tying a few knots for his belt.


Once everything was settled, Su Xi-er swiftly retreated as far from Pei Qianhao that the carriage would allow. She kept staring at him, preparing to alight the horse carriage immediately if he made any movement.


Pei Qianhao chuckled. “Is this prince a savage beast? Do you have to go so far?” Su Xi-er, this person has broadened my horizons. There has never been a woman who would evade me to this extent.


“Prince Hao, to this servant, you are a savage beast.” Su Xi-er simply followed along with his words. She abhorred men leaning so close to her. It caused her to think of...


Su Xi-er lowered her head, her eyes slightly closed as her heart was seized with pain.


This appearance happened to fall into Pei Qianhao’s eyes. “Memories of the past can be both pleasant and abominable. You would do well to forget the latter if you plan to keep on living.”


Su Xi-er was taken aback. Why did he talk to me about the past?


Pei Qianhao opened his eyes, his dark pupils looking straight at her. “This prince isn’t a savage beast, but even crueller than that. Since all those who have elicited this prince’s displeasure have been meted out with capital punishment, it’s impossible for me to remember any of those abominable memories.”


Capital punishment...


Su Xi-er’s expression was a little empty before she laughed. “Prince Hao, why are you telling this servant this? Having stayed in the imperial palace for a long time, those beside me are either palace maids or eunuchs. Now that this servant has been transferred here by you, I will serve you properly. Carrying and serving tea, washing and mending clothes, please don’t hesitate to instruct me, Prince Hao.”


Pei Qianhao glanced at her before he shut his eyes and leaned against the carriage wall. I have already indirectly told her how she can resolve her issues. It won’t be necessary to say other superfluous words.


Su Xi-er turned her head around and watched the scenery outside through the horse carriage’s curtains. The surrounding trees fell back unceasingly, and the faster they travelled, the closer they got to Nanzhao.


At this moment, her mind was filled with the words ‘meted out with capital punishment.’ I won’t be satisfied even with that. Even capital punishment won’t be sufficient to make up for the pain a certain someone has inflicted on me! Yun Ruofeng should also bear my pain!


The horse carriage passed county after county as they continued onwards. They rested in inns or on the outskirts of a town, no longer stopping at any county government office. As a result, their progress was much faster.


A few days later, the horse carriage had already reached the border between Beimin and Nanzhao.


Once they left this small county, they would arrive at Nanzhao. Su Xi-er laughed bitterly to herself. She ‘left’ Nanzhao in such resolute manner, but returned with this kind of identity. 


With this appearance, this body, and this kind of identity, no one will recognise me.


“Your Highness, we will be in Nanzhao once we pass this county. Do you want to stop over in the county?”


Pei Qianhao glanced at Su Xi-er before commanding, “We’ll rest a little and enter Nanzhao tomorrow. At the same time, send a letter via a messenger pigeon to Nanzhao’s Prince Yun that this prince will arrive tomorrow.”


Wu Ling respectfully replied with an affirmative. Soon, the horse carriage entered the county, and stopped at an inn for a short rest.


Su Xi-er’s mind was filled with the words ‘Prince Yun’. Prince Yun… He didn’t directly ascend the throne and is also no longer the Nation Protector General, but instead the Prince Regent, existing in the name of assisting the little emperor.


Lianchen is much older than Situ Lin, and no longer needs to instate a Prince Regent. Yet, Yun Ruofeng still didn’t directly ascend to the throne; just what are his intentions...?


“What are you thinking about? Even your soul has flown off.” A man’s probing voice sounded.


Su Xi-er returned to her senses and replied respectfully, “This servant was thinking about what Nanzhao would be like.”


“They have just suppressed the pandemonium caused by war not long ago. They don’t have as many civilians as Beimin, and their overall strength is weaker as well.”


The few words that he spoke had objectively pointed out the fact that Nanzhao couldn’t be compared to Beimin.


“Among the four nations, Nanzhao is ranked second. However, this prince has doubts as to whether that will remain true. As for the reason, it is simply because Nanzhao now lacks a certain person.” When Pei Qianhao explained, admiration appeared on his countenance.


‘Lacks a certain person…’ Who is this certain person he’s referring to?

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