Su Xi-er tried to prop herself up on the floor of the carriage with both hands, trying to get up. Before she could do so however, an arm hooked around her waist tightly.


As a result, she wasn’t able to get up, but she wasn’t willing to let herself fall onto him either, so she could only remain stuck in this position


“This prince only called you to get onto the horse carriage, but even my clothes weren’t spared when you pushed me down.” Pei Qianhao’s eyes were jocular, and the corners of his lips were involuntarily raised.


Su Xi-er’s body hadn’t completely recovered, and supporting herself with both hands required strength that she didn’t have. She could still hold out to an extent, but her arms would eventually give out.


“Prince Hao, this servant is still sick. If you get sick because you were too close to this servant, I will become a sinner.” Su Xi-er tried to make her voice was flat as possible. She knew that she wouldn’t be able to hold on for much longer. If he still didn’t let go of her, the result was obvious ー falling down on him once again.


“Stripping off this prince’s clothes isn’t considered a sin?” Pei Qianhao’s gaze shifted to his chest before turning to observe Su Xi-er’s expression.


Su Xi-er’s eyes widened as she looked towards his chest. She hadn’t realised that she had accidentally pulled his clothes apart when he had broken her fall.


Was it because I used too much strength? Or was it because he intentionally loosened his clothes before I got onto the carriage.


If Pei Qianhao were to know Su Xi-er's thoughts, his face would probably have darkened upon finding out that he had become such an entity in her eyes. Something like that would only be done by someone foolish.


Su Xi-er wanted to respond when her arms gave out, sending her falling headfirst onto Pei Qianhao.


Their bodies were pressed against one another, while her head was even laying on the spot where his clothes had come loose.


Which is tantamount to with the skin[1].


An uncomfortable feeling engulfed her mind once again. A profound look appeared in Su Xi-er’s eyes as she pursed her lips and attempted to get up again.


The hand hooked at her waist suddenly exerted strength and flipped her over. Suddenly, she was the one who was pressed under him, her hand landing on his bare chest.


She could feel his steady and powerful heartbeat against her palm, the heat like a scalding iron on her hand. 


Subconsciously, she began to shift her hand away, but it was then tightly secured by Pei Qianhao’s.


A deep and low voice accompanied by a strong oppressive feeling could be heard. “This prince wants to see to what extent you loathe men. Do you detest Beimin’s men, or Nanzhao’s? Or maybe all men…?”


He was interrupted by Su Xi-er. Her eyes looked straight at him, an earnest and solemn emotion overflowing from her gaze. “Prince Hao, if you take liberties with this servant again, I will immediately get down from the horse carriage.”


Pei Qianhao’s pitch-black eyes sized her up carefully, and found that her face was full of seriousness. He couldn’t help but think of what Wu Ling said that morning.


“This woman is pitiful. Not only did she suffer from the nefarious schemes of men at such a young age, the man in question is even from the Pei Family.”


Having had this kind of experience, it’s no wonder that she has such a deep-seated hate of men. It wouldn’t be surprising if she holds onto this trauma for the rest of her life. Forget it, I shouldn’t make things difficult for her this time.


Pei Qianhao released her and leaned against the horse carriage’s wall with his eyes closed. “You were the one who pulled this prince’s clothes apart; take responsibility and help this prince put them back on properly.”


Su Xi-er looked at him. His eyes were shut, and he was breathing lightly.


Slowly inching towards him, she raised her hands before abruptly retracting them upon contacting his clothes, afraid that he would suddenly open his eyes and grab onto her hands.

1. This term is also used to refer to bedroom activities.

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This term is also used to refer to bedroom activities

Comment from Lunarlark: I chuckled a little bit at this part.

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“You were the one who pulled this prince’s clothes apart; take responsibility and help this prince put them back on properly.”

Prince Hao’s shamelessness in action again ahahaha