Wu Ling was standing outside the door alone when his eyelid suddenly twitched. The white fungus lotus seed soup must have been prepared for Su Xi-er, that I can accept. What I can’t accept is that Prince Hao personally carried it in. Don’t tell me that he’s even going to feed it to her?


To think that there is actually a woman in this world who gets to enjoy such treatment. I’m afraid that even the future Princess Consort Hao won’t be able to be treated in such a manner.


The more he thought about it, the more he felt that things were anything but reassuring. Su Xi-er is only a palace maid from the Palace Side Quarters. Wu Ling shook his head. Only after a cold voice came from within the room did he come back to his senses.


“Quickly go to the silk mill.”


Wu Ling immediately bowed and accepted the order. “This subordinate will go now.” He then turned around and rapidly walked away.




In the room, Pei Qianhao placed the white fungus lotus seed soup on the table. “Come over and drink it yourself.”


Su Xi-er nodded and prepared to get down from the bed, but she didn’t consider that her clothes were long, and the collar wide. It was inevitable that she would involuntarily expose parts of her body that shouldn’t be exposed.


Upon noticing, Pei Qianhao furrowed his brow and lowered his voice. “Women are simply troublesome.”


He then lifted up the white fungus lotus seed soup. “Sit on the bedside and don’t move.” He used a commanding tone. With a displeased expression, he carried the bowl and slowly walked closer.


When he wanted to pass the bowl to her, he realised that the bottom of the bowl was scalding hot and mumbled again, “Women are simply troublesome.”


Despite his complaint, he still immediately lifted a spoonful of soup to Su Xi-er’s mouth. “Be careful, it’s hot.”


“Prince Hao, this servant will drink it on my own. I don’t need you to feed me.”


“Do you know how hot the bottom of the bowl is? Your hand will begin to blister as soon as you touch it.” Right after he said it, he felt that he had already spoken too much.


Hence, Pei Qianhao then used the spoon to open Su Xi-er’s mouth, forcefully feeding her.


Just like that, Su Xi-er drank one spoonful after another, blowing on them before drinking.


When the bottom of the bowl could be seen, Wu Ling’s voice sounded again. “This subordinate has returned. Among the numerous dresses in the silk mill, this servant randomly took a few since I don’t understand female apparel. I don’t know if Su Xi-er will like them.”


At the last sentence, Wu Ling felt that he had said something wrong! But words that had been said were like spilt milk, and could not be taken back.


As soon as the door opened, the clothes in Wu Ling’s hands were taken away and replaced by an empty bowl.


“Tidy this up, as well as the leftovers from the meal on the table in the outer chamber.”


The ‘leftovers from the meal’ were precisely the product of Su Xi-er’s failed cooking.


After he finished his instructions, Pei Qianhao took the clothes and walked towards the inner chamber. Wu Ling was even more perplexed. What show is Prince Hao putting on?


“Wear these clothes for this period.”


A few bright-coloured clothes were tossed into Su Xi-er’s hands. The dress’ lustre was vivid, and the decorative designs on their hems were varied. Some were flower petals, some were grass, some were butterflies, and others were a plain colour.


“This prince will go out. Come to the main entrance of the County Government Office after you have changed and freshened up.” Pei Qianhao then walked out of the room without sparing her another glance.


Upon seeing that Pei Qianhao had left, Wu Ling hastily finished tidying everything up before following along.


Su Xi-er picked up a pink dress with a grass design and changed out of Pei Qianhao’s clothes. 


Afterwards, she combed her hair simply and rolled it high up, but felt that this type of hairstyle wasn’t matching with her clothes.

Suddenly, some words that Lü Liu had said in the past entered her mind. “Eldest Imperial Princess, you look beautiful regardless of which hairstyle you use. However, this servant feels that this Falling Bun suits you more.”

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