“However, Beimin doesn’t have this flower. As a Nanzhao citizen, mother tended to this flower with great care, but this flower is very fragile. Normally the flower wouldn’t be able to survive outside of Nanzhao’s natural environment, but my mother’s skillful care allowed it to survive for a long time. It’s just that…” At this point, Shui Yinglian’s voice faded away. With Mother gone, I’m afraid that the Lingrui has also wilted. 


Su Xi-er didn’t respond. I reckon that not all the Lingrui has died. Otherwise, how would I have caught a whiff of the fragrance? To think that there is someone in this world who can allow a Lingrui to live for so long after being transplanted. The ‘Weiyi’ Mother Empress mentioned, the ‘Weiyi’ she believed in so firmly, is actually so... ridiculous.


Mother Empress, we have both been ultimately let down by others who we believed in while in a time of passion. However, Mother Empress, you ended up better off than me. At least you couldn’t see Father Emperor’s betrayal since you had already passed away.


She couldn’t forget how her imperial father had taken in beautiful imperial consorts one after another after her mother empress passed away.


However, the children of those imperial consorts had all died in the chaos of war.


Shui Yinglian sighed. Finally, she seemed to have thought of something as she suddenly added, “When my mother was still alive, she told me about the Eldest Imperial Princess, Ning Rulan. She said that she had seen the Eldest Imperial Princess when she was young.”


Su Xi-er became solemn. If that’s the case, Shui Yinglian’s mother came from Nanzhao’s imperial palace?


“What is your mother’s name?”


Shui Yinglian picked up the wooden basin and held it above her head. “Lianxi. My mother’s name was in hopes that she would find someone who would cherish her for her entire life[1]. My Dad was the one who accomplished that.”


Lianxi? Su Xi-er’s slender eyebrows were scrunched up. I know who she is. She was a palace maid in Mother Empress’ palace. However, this palace maid vanished later on.


I thought that she had died, but it turns out that she had actually left the imperial palace and married to someone in Beimin. Mother Empress must have helped her succeed in this matter. Otherwise, a palace maid wouldn’t be able to leave the imperial palace.


“My mother said that Eldest Imperial Princess Ning Rulan’s skin was fair and smooth when she was young, and that it was obvious from a glance that she was going to be a beauty in the future. But my mother doesn’t know that this eldest imperial princess has already passed away.”


Su Xi-er didn’t expect that she would receive so many answers just by asking about the familiar flower fragrance. Shui Yinglian’s mother was originally a palace maid in Nanzhao. Everything seems to have been preordained.


“I will undoubtedly be punished by my dad when he sees me like this tomorrow. I can only hope that Prince Hao can quell his anger. I am young and not sensible. With how noble he is, how would I forge connections with him and climb up?” Shui Yinglian smiled foolishly. That idea I came up with is already enough to prove my ignorance.


“What is your name?” Shui Yinglian suddenly asked.


“Su Xi-er.”


“You have such a nice name! Now that I think about it, my previous jealousy of you over Prince Hao was ridiculous. We should dispel our enmity.  Kneeling for a night will be considered giving myself a wake-up call.” Shui Yinglian revealed a smile, sincerely offering an olive branch after casting away her jealousy.


Su Xi-er smiled. Perhaps it was because she knew about Shui Yinglian’s mother, but she also became much more amicable.


“Su Xi-er, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever met. You look very beautiful when you smile. You should smile more.”


From a distance away, Pei Qianhao happened to hear Shui Yinglian’s words as he approached the pair. His gaze involuntarily landed on Su Xi-er’s upturned lips as a result.


Indeed, she should smile more.


Shui Yinglian spotted Prince Hao after randomly glancing around the courtyard. She immediately lowered her head, trembling as she conscientiously carried the wooden basin.


“This prince punished the two of you, but I didn’t expect that I actually brought together a pair of good sisters.” It sounded like he was teasing, but his voice was ice cold.


Su Xi-er lowered her head and replied respectfully, “This servant doesn’t dare.”


When Pei Qianhao saw her upturned lips rapidly returning to normal, his face darkened. “Carry it earnestly. Without this prince’s orders, you’re not allowed to rise.”


“This servant obeys the order.”


Hearing her completely emotionless voice, Pei Qianhao was a little displeased. She doesn’t even know how to beg for forgiveness.


He silently watched Su Xi-er, while at the side, Shui Yinglian’s body trembled unceasingly.

1. Her name literally means something like ‘to cherish’.

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