When she reached the doorstep, Su Xi-er advised her, “Lower your head. Don’t let Prince Hao see your face.”


Shui Yinglian nodded. Her heart pounded increasingly harder as her footsteps became heavy.


Su Xi-er extinguished the fire under the stove and sat on the wooden stool, gazing at the night scenery in the courtyard through the window.


The bright moonlight shone on Su Xi-er’s face. Coupled with a light yellow dress, she was like a beautiful illusion. If there had been anyone around, they would definitely have been stunned by this unforgettable sight.


Su Xi-er raised the corner of her lips. Pei Qianhao, I wonder if you will like the pleasant surprise I sent you? Shameless man. When she recalled what he had done to her, her expression became ghastly.




Shui Yinglian carried the basin of hot water as she walked to Pei Qianhao’s room. After taking a deep breath, she pushed open the door to enter.


A deep and low voice sounded, enabling her to imagine the way those thin lips were moving. Even his voice is so enchanting.


“Carry the water in and put away the dishes on the table.”


Shui Yinglian didn’t dare to make a sound, fearing that he would recognise her voice. She lowered her head as she walked into the inner chamber step by step.


As she slowly raised her head, she saw Prince Hao...undressing!


The upper garment was hanging on Pei Qianhao’s shoulders, his powerful figure causing Shui Yinglian to stare at him in rapture.


“Place the wooden basin down and go out.”


Seeing that Prince Hao was still going to continue removing his clothes, Shui Yinglian gulped nervously. She already heard the displeasure in his voice.


She lowered her head and placed the wooden basin to the side, a handkerchief hanging from the side of it.


As the night breeze blew, the body fragrance of the woman wafted into Pei Qianhao’s nose, causing his eyebrows to furrow as his expression became inexplicable.


He lifted his clothes back up and wore them properly before turning around to face the woman before him.


Although he didn’t utter a single word, Shui Yinglian felt a strong sense of intimidation.


“You are not her.” The words were spoken with a deep intonation, a confident tone, and a threatening oppression.


Shui Yinglian felt that this man was very dangerous, even more so than he had been earlier that day!


“You wore the same clothes and used the same hairstyle as her.” Pei Qianhao narrowed his eyes slightly. It’s just that...the smell is different.


Shui Yinglian didn’t dare to raise her head, trembling uncontrollably as she laid prostrated on the ground. “Please forgive me, Prince Hao.”


Pei Qianhao snorted coldly. “Kneel in the courtyard and carry the water basin on your head for a night. If you take it down, your life will be gone tomorrow.”


Shui Yinglian was fearful to the point that she became speechless and froze on the spot.


“Scram.” The deep and low voice sounded again. Shui Yinglian’s whole body trembled as she immediately rose to leave.


Pei Qianhao stood up and walked outside the room. Based on the fact that they have even swapped clothing, this must be her idea. Otherwise, I don’t believe that there is someone in this world who could have forced her to go along with such a thing.


When he arrived at the courtyard, Pei Qianhao briefly swept his gaze across the woman holding up a water basin.


The expression in his eyes was like a sword coated in ice, causing Shui Yinglian to feel like freezing blades had pierced through all her body.


She recalled the day she had first met Prince Hao. She had pointed her finger at him and announced, “Dad, I want to marry this man.”


At that time, she didn’t know that the person in question was the illustrious Prince Hao. Only after her father chided her did she find out about his identity.

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