Shui Yinglian followed Su Xi-er into the boiler room, observing the latter as she went about with her work. Her hair is unkempt, and her collar is also messy. Could there be a hickey on her neck and behind her ear?


The more Shui Yinglian looked at her, the more analytical she became. Only after Su Xi-er placed the teakettle on the stove and turned around did Shui Yinglian stow away her inquiring gaze and reveal a smiling expression. “As Prince Hao’s personal maidservant, you definitely know some of his preferences. Can you tell them to me?”


How would I know his preferences? Since this eldest young miss wants to know, there is no harm in...Su Xi-er chortled inwardly before raising her head to look at Shui Yinglian. “You really want to know?”


Shui Yinglian’s smile was even more radiant, and her attitude became increasingly genial. “Can you tell me? Of course, I won’t force you if you don’t want to.” She understood very well that if she used the hard way on this woman, it would definitely cause a large commotion. It wouldn’t be good if Dad is drawn over. 


Su Xi-er pretended to deliberate before she whispered, “I can tell you, but you mustn’t breathe a word to others. At worst, this matter may even be considered as secretly defacing Prince Hao, and  would cause us to lose our heads!” When she spoke, she deliberately put on a frightened appearance.


Shui Yinglian immediately nodded. “Don’t worry, I am also afraid of losing my head. Now, quickly tell me what he likes.” Traces of bright light shot out from her eyes. As long as I know Prince Hao’s preferences, I will be able to approach him without causing him to be repulsed.  


Su Xi-er knew that Shui Yinglian had taken the bait. “Prince Hao likes bold women; and they even have to be daring in a way that it fits his taste. It’s hard to explain this taste of his. If you audaciously challenge his authority in front of others, Prince Hao will punish you accordingly. But if you are a bit bolder at night, when others are absent, he may take a fancy to you”


Shui Yinglian recounted the past day carefully. No wonder Prince Hao’s expression was unpleasant that day. So it’s actually because I was bold at the wrong time. Everyone was present, so wasn’t I not giving him face?


So it’s actually like this! An idea suddenly popped into Shui Yinglian’s eyes. She looked at the teakettle on the stove and smiled. “Would it be alright for me to send hot water to Prince Hao?”


Su Xi-er purposely waved her hand repeatedly. “That won’t do. Since Prince Hao has already ordered for me to send it, I will have to bear the consequences if he finds out that you have taken my place.”


“I have a way!” Shui Yinglian smiled and raised her hand, about to aim for Su Xi-er’s sleeping acupoint. “I will knock you out. How are you going to deliver water when you are unconscious?”


Su Xi-er moved to the side rapidly, dodging Shui Yinglian’s blow. She’s a well-bred daughter from a noble family, yet she knows where the sleeping acupoint is.


Shui Yinglian’s eyebrows furrowed as she didn’t understand what Su Xi-er meant. Only if she has fainted, Prince Hao won’t reproach Su Xi-er even if he finds out.


“You don’t have to knock me out. I can pretend to be unconscious. Do you want to change into grey coarse attire before going? Otherwise, with this light yellow dress of yours, you will be kicked out before you even go in.” Su Xi-er proposed slowly. Letting Shui Yinglian change her clothes and send the water disguised as myself can be considered a big ‘pleasant surprise’ to ‘repay’ him for his actions.


Shui Yinglian’s expression brightened. “Okay! Let’s do that then! We will exchange clothes, then you will pretend to be unconscious while I send the hot water over. If it succeeds, I will thank you properly.”


“You don’t have to thank me.”


As Su Xi-er and Shui Yinglian were exchanging clothing, Shui Yinglian inadvertently noticed the scar on the back of the latter’s shoulder. 


Shui Yinglian’s body involuntarily trembled. This woman has suffered so much. She has been flogged to this extent. 


“If I become Princess Consort Hao in the future, you won’t lack benefits. No one will whip you.” Shui Yinglian vowed solemnly. 


As long as she doesn’t fight over Prince Hao with me, everything else can be easily negotiated.


Su Xi-er chuckled. “I wish you luck. Make sure that you carry the water over only after you’ve added a little cold water and properly adjusted the temperature.” 


Shui Yinglian followed Su Xi-er’s instructions, and was soon carrying a basin of water out the door of the boiler room.

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