Pei Qianhao didn’t utter a word as he sat on the wooden chair and picked up the chopsticks to begin eating. Before he had even begun to chew, his eyebrows were already furrowed.


“Come, have a taste.” Pei Qianhao passed the chopsticks to Su Xi-er.


“This servant can’t take the chopsticks you have used, Prince Hao.” Su Xi-er declined indirectly.


Pei Qianhao however, was undeterred. Picking up a vegetable with the chopsticks, he simply stood up and forced Su Xi-er to open her mouth to swallow it.


In an instant, Su Xi-er knitted her eyebrows. Too salty.


“Isn’t it delicious? Finish eating all three dishes. Consider it as this prince rewarding you.” He then placed the chopsticks into Su Xi-er’s hand.


Su Xi-er looked at the three dishes. I can’t finish eating all of this even if I wanted to. But I can’t refuse even if I want to. Thus, she could only stare as Pei Qianhao walked out of the room.


Sitting on the now empty wooden chair, she pulled a long face as she began eating. Every dish is salty. How would it be possible for me to eat all of this? Why don’t I... just secretly pour it out when he’s not paying attention?


However, Pei Qianhao seemed to read her mind as his deep and low voice sounded from the inner chamber. “Finish eating everything. This prince will be checking. If this prince finds out that you have secretly thrown any out, there will be an even more severe punishment waiting..”


With that, Su Xi-er’s plan was ruined and she could only force herself to eat the dishes.


Approximately an hour later, Su Xi-er had run into a dead end. I can’t finish. At the same time, there was also zero movement from the inner chamber. Is Pei Qianhao already resting?


The sun set as the moon slowly climbed into the night sky. The expression in Su Xi-er’s eyes darkened before she finally, she placed her chopsticks down, wiped her mouth, and headed for the inner chamber.


She stopped outside the door and respectfully admitted, “Prince Hao, this servant is unable to eat any more. It’s this servant’s fault for not cooking well. Prince Hao, please go ahead and punish this servant; I will have no complaints.”


There was no sound from the inner chamber, yet Su Xi-er continued to stand outside the room door without moving or speaking.


Only after quite a long while did a deep and low voice sound from the inner chamber. “Come in.”


Fearing that she would see something she shouldn’t see, Su Xi-er lowered her head as she walked in. She bent her knees and paid her respects. “This servant pays her respects to Prince Hao.”


“You have become surprisingly obedient after leaving the imperial palace. You won’t have any complaints, no matter how this prince punishes you?” Pei Qianhao unhurriedly remarked in a calm tone.


Su Xi-er nodded. “I’ll comply with however Prince Hao punishes me.”


It’s fine as long as he doesn’t make me continue eating. All I did was sprinkle a little salt, just like I had when I was still in Nanzhao. Who knew that it would have made everything so salty?


“Words are like spilt milk: they cannot be taken back. You should understand this principle.” Pei Qianhao softly said, following which his expression became devilish.


“Take off your clothes. All of them.” His tone was calm and measured; he was not joking.


This is his method of punishment. Su Xi-er’s body stiffened and her breathing almost stopped. How could I have said that I would absolutely comply with any of his punishments with no complaints? How could I have forgotten that I have to be cautious of this person’s perverted nature?


Pei Qianhao laid on his side at the bedside, his hand propping up his head as his raised eyebrows showed off a devilishly languid aura.


“There’s no use crying over spilt milk,” he reminded.


Su Xi-er raised her head to look at him, her lips firmly pursed. Her hands gradually moved upwards and started to undo the buttons.


Slowly, the grey Chinese bodice was revealed, causing Pei Qianhao’s expression to become unpleasant. She just had to wear a grey one.


When she reached the last button, Su Xi-er fiercely flung the coarse clothes onto the floor and looked straight at Pei Qianhao. “Prince Hao, are you satisfied?”


Pei Qianhao’s gaze landed on the back of her shoulder which had a dark-coloured welt. Did she not use the medicinal powder I gave her? Otherwise, how could there still be a scar?


“Walk to this prince.” Pei Qianhao straightened his body with a solemn expression. The tinge of intimidation in his tone was enough to cause people to feel oppressed.

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