“Eldest Young Miss, you are clever and quick-witted. As someone fully dressed in a servant’s attire and carrying Prince Hao’s clothes, of course I am someone who serves Prince Hao.” Su Xi-er felt that this woman was someone overly persistent. If I don’t explain clearly, she will definitely pester me without end.


“You are a maidservant waiting upon Prince Hao, his personal maidservant, and in the future you will be…” The words ‘room concubine servant’ were stuck in the woman’s throat. Her mood gradually fluctuated and jealousy flashed in her eyes.


Su Xi-er sensed the change in the expression in the woman’s eyes. She has definitely misunderstood the relationship between Prince Hao and I. However, Su Xi-er wasn’t willing to explain. The innocent have no need to justify themselves. Besides, this woman has already fallen prey to Prince Hao’s charms. Anything else I say would be useless.


The woman walked towards Su Xi-er step by step, her eyes never leaving the clothes in Su Xi-er’s hand.


When the woman stopped before Su Xi-er, she suddenly laughed. “Beauty, I’m Shui Yinglian, but you can just call me Lian-er. Can you secretly give this piece of clothing to me to wash?”


Su Xi-er shook her head and flatly refused. “Prince Hao has ordered this servant to wash it. If he finds out that you have washed it instead, both you and I will have to lose our heads. This servant’s life is worthless, so it’s not a pity even if I die. However, Eldest Young Miss, how are you going to face His Excellency County Magistrate if you implicate the whole Shui Residence?” 


“You...why do you have so many arguments? It’s just washing a piece of clothing. If even I am unafraid, what do you have to be scared of? Quickly give it to me.” Shui Yinglian was getting anxious. She reached out her hand in an attempt to snatch the clothes in Su Xi-er’s hand.


Su Xi-er deftly moved the clothes behind her back, speaking more forcefully, “Eldest Young Miss, now is not the time to let your emotions affect your decisions. Each and every one of your actions is linked with the whole Shui Residence, including the numerous maidservants standing beside you. With just one slip-up, all of them may have to accompany you in losing their lives.”


When all the maidservants heard the words ‘lose their lives’ they were terribly frightened. Every one of them gazed at Shui Yinglian nervously. If by any chance the Eldest Young Miss does something bad, the Shui Residence will be done for!


Shui Yinglian’s complexion immediately became grim. She wasn’t a person with malicious intentions. As long as the person she admired didn’t have conflicting interests with her, she would sincerely treat them well.


For the beauty in front of her, Shui Yinglian had gotten a good first impression in the palace hall. But after finding out that she was Prince Hao’s personal maidservant and possibly his room concubine servant, she felt increasingly uncomfortable the more she looked at her.


Shui Yinglian pursed her lips and lowered her voice, “I don’t want to make a big deal out of the matter. Since Prince Hao has assigned you to wash them, I won’t fight over it with you anymore. However, tell me truthfully, are you Prince Hao’s room concubine servant?”


Su Xi-er looked at her. What does her brain contain? Does she think that all women are like her, completely intoxicated by Pei Qianhao’s handsome visage?


“I’m an ordinary maidservant who does some odd jobs.”


Shui Yinglian released a sigh of relief as her eyes brightened up. “Was every word of yours the truth?”


Su Xi-er nodded. “There is no need to deceive you.”


“Very well.” Shui Yinglian laughed again, now speaking with traces of cheerfulness. “Is it okay for me to watch you wash? In the future, I’ll look at you no matter what you do.”


At that moment, Lord County Magistrate’s voice sounded. “You’re simply acting willfully! Servants, lock the young miss up. She is forbidden from coming out before Prince Hao leaves!”


“Obeying your orders, Your Excellency.” Two imperial guards immediately went to Shui Yinglian.


Knowing that she was unable to win against them, Shui Yinglian backed down temporarily and followed the imperial guards to bring her along.


However, when Shui Yinglian left, she purposely winked at Su Xi-er. 


Lord County Magistrate walked to Su Xi-er’s side. When he saw Prince Hao’s clothes in her hand, his attitude was much more respectful. “Were you planning to look for a basin?”

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