“Su Xi-er, you know the answer, yet you still intentionally asked. There are no maidservants in the Prince Hao Residence, only imperial guards. You are the first maidservant to have served Prince Hao. It’s a gargantuan special honour; but at the same time, this matter is also perilous. 


Su Xi-er nodded and unhurriedly repeated, “This servant understands now. Everyone in the Prince Hao Residence is a man. ”


Wu Ling didn’t know what to reply. What she said is clearly the truth, but why does it make me feel so uncomfortable when I hear it?


When he wanted to chide her, he caught sight of her innocent face. Perhaps this is the reason Prince Hao doesn’t just punish her despite her provoking him time after time?


“Imperial Bodyguard Wu, this servant will now enter and tidy up the place.”


Wu Ling nodded and watched her as she went in. She finally said something right.


Done with briefing Su Xi-er, it was now time for him to carry out the assignment Prince Hao had entrusted him with.




Su Xi-er first went to the side chamber to grab a broom and dustpan before sweeping out both chambers. She then proceeded to wipe the place down with a cleaning rag.


These tasks are nothing when compared to scrubbing the chamber pots and washing the clothes.


Under Su Xi-er’s attention, the room was soon spotless.


Su Xi-er was gently massaging her waist with her right hand when she heard a sound similar to someone taking off clothes.


She abruptly turned around, and happened to see Pei Qianhao undressing!


The only clothing on his upper body had already been pulled down to his waist.


Su Xi-er immediately turned around. At the same time, a piece of clothing was thrown at her head.


The clothes covered her head, assailing her nostrils with his scent.


“Wash this piece of clothing.” His tone was calm and even.


Su Xi-er took the clothes down before lowering her head and turning around. “This servant will wash it right away.” She then directly headed outside without sparing him a single glance.


Just as she was about to step out of the room, ice-cold words streamed into her ears.


“You don’t dare to look? Even if you did look, this prince wouldn’t dig your eyeballs out.”


Su Xi-er didn’t know how to reply. In other words, he is saying, “quickly turn around, raise your head and look at this prince”?


It’s tricky to answer, so it’s better if I change the topic.


Hence, she immediately replied, “This servant will go and wash the clothes.”


Pei Qianhao didn’t continue to make things difficult for her. “Go out.”


Su Xi-er heaved a sigh of relief. Being averse to men in the first place, Su Xi-er was unable to bear the thought of having to see one naked.


As Pei Qianhao watched her back hastily leaving, the expression in his eyes became deep. She’s a palace maid from the Palace Side Quarters, and has never been hurt by men before. What on earth caused her to find men repulsive?




Su Xi-er carried Pei Qianhao’s clothes as she walked to the backyard of the County Government Office. She asked someone for a well bucket, but there was no golden basin. His clothes must be washed in a golden basin.


“Call your lord to come over.”


The maidservants looked at each other in bewilderment. She’s just washing clothes. Why does she want to call Lord County Magistrate?


Su Xi-er repeated, “This clothing belongs to Prince Hao. It must be washed in a golden basin.”


The maidservants understood as soon as the words, ‘Prince Hao’ were spoken. One of them quickly ran towards the forecourt.


However, it wasn’t the County Magistrate who came, but his daughter, the Eldest Young Miss.


All the maidservants lowered their heads, not daring to take a peak. The Eldest Young Miss is already infatuated with Prince Hao to a mad extent.


The Eldest Young Miss spotted the clothes in Su Xi-er’s hands with just a glimpse. “Why do you have Prince Hao’s clothes? Did he tell you to wash them? Who exactly are you?”

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