“Your Highness, the Imperial Household Department records all of this information. If those records did not have the information, there is likely no way for us to find it. The palace maids are recruited by the various counties, come voluntarily by themselves, or even come to the palace as orphans. The County Government Office registers these women in the book…”


Wu Ling was stunned by Pei Qianhao’s cold glare before he could finish.


“You can’t find anything more, even with your capabilities? If you can’t get any results, you don’t need to be on duty in the Prince Hao Residence anymore.” Pei Qianhao walked away, leaving him with those words.


Wu Ling was at a loss. I’m very confident in my capabilities, but during this period of time, Prince Hao always instructs me to do some...things that are too embarrassing to be mentioned.


It’s not as if Su Xi-er is a prestigious figure. She’s only one of many women, and a palace maid at that! What reason do I have to investigate? What exactly is Prince Hao’s attitude towards Su Xi-er?


Wu Ling sighed deeply and turned around to look at the hall. With that glance, he understood. Su Xi-er has caused trouble. The celadon teapot has shattered across the floor. No wonder Prince Hao told me to look into her! 


Wu Ling entered the hall. “Su Xi-er, you provoked Prince Hao again? I have already told you clearly. Why did you act so foolishly after you previously agreed to behave yourself?”


Su Xi-er raised her head and smiled. “Imperial Bodyguard Wu, you confidently handled all matters when this servant met you for the first time. Why are you yelling and acting irascible now? I’m afraid that if Prince Hao saw you like this, he would chase you out right?”


Wu Ling’s breath hitched. She is threatening me. She is actually threatening me...


“Imperial Bodyguard Wu, you should go out first. This servant has to sweep this place spotlessly. If Prince Hao is not satisfied and flies into a rage, as his personal bodyguard, you will get  the short end of the stick.”


Faced with Su Xi-er’s smile, Wu Ling felt even dejected in his heart. I am already getting the short end of the stick now.


Prince Hao instructed me to look into Su Xi-er’s matters before she entered the palace. Having entered the palace at a young age, she was still a little lass then.


“Su Xi-er, how old were you before you entered the palace? Do you still remember the matters of the past?”


Su Xi-er’s hand paused. Why is he asking this?


“You can’t remember? Your parents and relatives at home, you can’t remember at all?” Wu Ling continued to ask.


Su Xi-er shook her head. “This servant entered the palace while I was very young, even running a fever at the time. As a result, I don’t remember the things in the past anymore. Imperial Bodyguard Wu, you should quickly leave so that I can clean up.”


“Aye, tidy up the place properly then. Don’t provoke Prince Hao in the future either. As the master, his word his law; you won’t be the only one facing repercussions if he is displeased.” Wu Ling bewailed before he walked out of the hall. 


I have to rush back to Beimin’s imperial palace as fast as possible, secretly go to the Imperial Household Department and steal...a palace maid’s booklet[1].


I can’t always go and investigate Su Xi-er under Prince Hao’s name. I can’t let anyone know about this. I must carry it out carefully.




Su Xi-er picked up all the bits of shards and placed them to the side before using a cloth that hung at the side to wipe away the tea stains.


As she was finishing up, a maidservant with two hair buns[2] and clad in a long light yellow dress walked in. Her eyes were wide wide and round.


“Who are you? I have never seen you before.”


Su Xi-er looked in the direction of the sound and noticed a woman roughly 12 or 13 years old. 


On the other hand, when the woman spotted Su Xi-er, she inhaled a cold breath of air. A beauty has appeared in the County Government Office!


“Who are you? Why do you look so beautiful?” The woman’s face was full of curiosity. If I possess this appearance, would Prince Hao spare a glance at me?


“I’m just an ordinary maidservant. You don’t need to be curious,” Su Xi-er replied unhurriedly before continuing to tidy the place up.

1. It’s the one he was talking about just now. I presume it’s a booklet which records the details of a palace maid.

2. It’s a hairstyle often used by servants and it looks something like this:


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Wu Ling’s breath hitched. She is threatening me. She is actually threatening me…

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