Pei Yaran’s hand paused as she abruptly recalled that He Ying was no longer in the Compassionate Peace Palace. All of this is because of Su Xi-er. As soon as Pei Qianhao comes back, I will be able to understand his attitude towards her!


The palace maid noticed that the Empress Dowager’s expression was strange, and became even more terrified. He Ying has always served the Empress Dowager, and was brought here from the Pei Residence by her. Now that she no longer here, the Empress Dowager is definitely displeased in her heart.


Right at this moment, a eunuch announced with his sharp voice. “Matriarch Pei has arrived!”


Pei Yaran immediately cast a meaningful look at the palace maids beside her and instructed them to be dismissed.


Lu Xiangning, otherwise known as Old Madam Pei, stepped into the hall of the Compassionate Peace Palace as soon as the palace maids had withdrawn,


Although Lu Xiangning was over 50 years old, she had taken good care of her health. Her skin didn’t sag, and Pei Yaran features resembled hers greatly.


“This subject’s wife pays her respects to the Empress Dowager. Wishing good fortune and health to you, Empress Dowager.” Lu Xiangning bent her knees as she paid her respects respectfully.  


Pei Yaran immediately stood up and supported Lu Ningxiang to rise. “Mum, what are you talking about? There are no outsiders here, yet you still keep using ‘this subject’s wife’ to refer to yourself.”


“We still can’t dispense with the necessary formalities so as to avoid inviting gossip.” Lu Ningxiang smiled and patted her daughter’s hand gently.


“I don’t dare. Before I am the Empress Dowager, I am your daughter. In the whole world, where is there a mum who speaks politely to her daughter?”


“Alright, your mum can’t win against this mouth of yours. Did you hurriedly summon me into the palace because Prince Hao…” Lu Ningxiang paused, and observed her daughter’s expression, sighing deeply in understanding as she saw the wronged look on her daughter’s face.


“It has also been tough on you to enter the palace. You are young, and although your position is high… I feel a lump in my heart.” Lu Ningxiang raised her hand to wipe her tears.


“Mum, don’t cry. It was your daughter who was willing to enter the palace back then. Look, if your daughter hadn’t entered the palace, the Pei Residence wouldn’t have risen to power so quickly. Now the Pei Residence is at the summit of its power, and is Beimin’s largest clan!”


Lu Ningxiang gazed at her daughter. “Although you did contribute, the Pei Residence is here today all thanks to the efforts of Prince Hao. If it wasn’t for him…”


“Mum!” Pei Yaran yelled, before she lowered her voice again. “If Dad hadn’t accepted Pei Qianhao into the Pei Residence, how could he have risen to his current position? Similarly, if your daughter hadn’t helped him put things in order in the imperial palace, would his rise to power have been so simple?”


“Mum knows that, but you know even better than I that his contribution is even greater than either of yours. Since you are already Beimin’s empress dowager, it’s better for you to bury some love affairs and feelings at the bottom of your heart.”


“Mum, I’m only eighteen years old, and I have no blood relations with Pei Qianhao, so why can’t we be together? Success depends on one’s efforts!”


Lu Ningxiang immediately became solemn. “You’re acting willfully! Doing this will cause the Situ Imperial Household to be humiliated! You don’t behave like the Empress Dowager at all. If you want to be together with Prince Hao, you should wait for your next lifetime and stow away those thoughts and feelings. ”


Pei Yaran pursed her lips. There’s no choice. I have already sunk into it. Long ago, before I even entered the palace, I had already fallen for Pei Qianhao. My wish for this lifetime is to be together with him.


Entering the palace and fighting in the imperial harem were all for his sake.


As long as the imperial household is toppled, everything will be within my reach. Let me see who dares to spout nonsense then!


But right now, I need to know exactly what thoughts Pei Qianhao harbours towards Su Xi-er.


I’m not scared of anything else. I’m only scared that Pei Qianhao will fall in love with another woman! However, I also know that there are very few women in this world who could cause Pei Qianhao to become enamoured with them.

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