Ruo Yuan’s eyes widened as she watched the horse carriage race away. She actually started to chase it, but was quickly pulled back by Hong Li. “Have you gone mad? Since Imperial Bodyguard Wu came, the order to take Su Xi-er was definitely given by Prince Hao.”


“Prince Hao…” Ruo Yuan’s breath hitched. Soon after, she became flustered and grasped Hong Li’s wrist firmly. “Did Su Xi-er offend Prince Hao? What should we do? Will she die?”


As Hong Li gazed at the direction the horse carriage left in, her lips pursed before as she put on an earnest expression. “She won’t die. I believe in her. Ruo Yuan, let’s go and check if the Beauty Palace has a back door where we can slip in secretly. We will wait here for Su Xi-er’s return!”


Right after her proclamation, an imperial guard from the Beauty Palace suddenly appeared. “Eunuch Sun has ordered for you two to be taken in through the Beauty Palace’s side door. As for the other young lady, just treat it as if she is still in the Beauty Palace.”


Hong Li immediately understood what the imperial bodyguard was implying. Pretend that Su Xi-er is still in the Beauty Palace. Ruo Yuan and I have to put on an act. We must keep ourselves busy with ‘serving’ Su Xi-er while also deflecting the other beauties who come to disturb us.


“Are you two still not coming?” The imperial guard saw that the two didn’t respond and couldn’t help but call out to them again.


Hong Li pulled Ruo Yuan, who had yet to regain her senses. “Let’s quickly follow.”


Ruo Yuan nodded, still worrying about Su Xi-er in her heart. Everybody knows that Prince hao is headed to Nanzhao. Why did he order Imperial Bodyguard Wu to bring Su Xi-er along with him?


Could it be that he’s getting Su Xi-er to wait upon him by his side? Aren’t there maidservants in the Prince Hao Residence?


Many questions flooded Ruo Yuan’s brain, and she couldn’t help but shake her head. There was only one thing ー Su Xi-er must come back safely.




At this moment, Wu Ling sat next to an imperial guard who was driving the carriage to the capital gates. Separated by the horse carriage’s curtain, he advised Su Xi-er, “I don’t know Prince Hao’s true intentions, but judging from his expression, it doesn’t look too good. You must be more prudent.”


These words are considered a reminder. After all, Su Xi-er is also a pitiful person. Prince Hao’s mood is unfathomable. Even though he is a bit interested in Su Xi-er now, who knows if he would kill her in the future?


Su Xi-er nodded and replied calmly, “Many thanks for your reminder, Imperial Bodyguard Wu.” She was then absorbed in her thoughts, her hands tightly clenched together.


I didn’t expect that I would be going to Nanzhao so soon. Her expression slowly changed as she recalled the memories of that night that were seared into her mind like a branding iron.


Su Xi-er shut her eyes for several moments. When she reopened them, gone was the distress that had been plaguing her until now. In its place was a profoundness and a fierceness that would’ve intimidated any who saw it.


The horse carriage travelled to the city gates where it was greeted by the imperial guards on duty. Once the two of them had seen Wu Ling however, the gates were opened without any questions asked.. Once they were out of the capital gates, their field of view became even greater, as did the speed of the carriage. 


The night breeze blew the horse carriage’s curtain open, revealing Su Xi-er who was leaning against the wall of the horse carriage with her eyes closed. It looked like she was actually asleep, yet also contemplating something.


Hardly anybody knew about Su Xi-er leaving the capital. Even Pei Yaran thought that she was in the Beauty Palace, not even bothering to have people monitor the situation.


Given her temper, if Pei Yaran was to find out that Prince Hao had ordered for people to take Su Xi-er away, she would definitely not stay in the Compassionate Peace Palace peacefully. She may have even dispatched people to bring Su Xi-er back.




Pei Yaran was currently sitting on the main seat in the Compassionate Peace Palace’s hall, waiting for Matriarch Pei to enter the palace.


“He Ying, boil a pot of spring tea of the highest grade.” Pei Yaran massaged her forehead gently and instructed the palace maid at her side without even sparing her a glance.


The palace maid became nervous and mumbled falteringly, “Empress Dowager, you have already transferred Miss He out of the imperial palace and back to the Pei Residence.”

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