Su Xi-er shook her head. “I don’t need it. You can just mould one for each of them.”


Since she had already refused, the peddler could only nod and begin to mould the figurines according to Ruo Yuan and Hong Li’s appearances.


Ruo Yuan looked at Su Xi-er, her eyes brimming with hot tears. I haven’t experienced this kind of warmth in a very long time.


Hong Li focused on the clay figurines, occasionally calling out to Ruo Yuan “Ruo Yuan, this face really looks like yours! Yours will be done very soon!”


Ruo Yuan wiped her tears. “Mhm, they will be done soon.”


On the other hand, Su Xi-er looked into the distance. Wu Ling has already left, but since he came under orders, he definitely wouldn’t return empty-handed. Although he isn’t taking me away now, he will still appear and bring me back in the end.


Am I really going to Nanzhao? Have I made proper preparations to deal with those people?


Nanzhao… The scenes from that night engulfed her mind. In an instant, the look in her eyes deepened. I won’t let off anyone who harmed me!


It’s just that the time is still not ripe.


When Ruo Yuan turned around to look at Su Xi-er with the completed clay figurine, she caught sight of the latter’s current expression. “Su Xi-er, what’s wrong?”


Su Xi-er returned to her senses. “Nothing much. It’s getting late, so we’ll head back after the peddler is finished with moulding the clay figurines.”


“Mhm, alright.” Ruo Yuan nodded and replied obediently, turning her attention back to the clay figurines.


Hong Li’s figurine was finished shortly after. When she heard from Su Xi-er that they would be going back, she sighed. Wonderful times are always so transient.


Afterwards, Su Xi-er flagged down a horse carriage and travelled to the street next to the Beauty Palace. 


Finally, the three walked to the Beauty Palace after leaving the horse carriage before catching sight of two imperial guards at the entrance.


Hong Li was at a loss. “How do we get back in?”


Ruo Yuan was also anxious. “Isn’t there a side door or back door? Even a dog hole would do!” 


“Alright, that’s enough. Even if there’s a dog hole, you won’t be able to make your way into it. Your body is too big.” Hong Li’s words made a lot of sense, causing Ruo Yuan to go silent as she stared at Su Xi-er


Su Xi-er stated unhurriedly, “Very simple. We just have to knock them out.”


“Ah? Knock them out?” Hong Li and Ruo Yuan were stupefied, their eyes extremely wide.


It can’t be, right? Those are two trained and physically fit imperial guards. How would a woman like Su Xi-er be able to knock them out?!


“You guys, stay here and don’t move.” Su Xi-er instructed them before walking towards the main entrance.


Having said that, she wasn’t really waiting to knock out the guards; instead, she was waiting for a certain someone to appear. Wu Ling wouldn’t just leave like that.


The street the Beauty Palace was located in was the quietest street in the capital. Seeing as it was also Prince Hao’s territory, ordinary civilians didn’t bother to casually walk past the main entrance even in the daytime.


This is the best opportunity for Wu Ling to ‘take me away’.


As expected, Su Xi-er had only taken five steps when Wu Ling appeared. There was also a horse carriage that had come.


“If you’re not going, I’ll knock you out.” Wu Ling was no longer courteous and coldly reminded her.


Su Xi-er laughed instead, her smiling countenance enough to cause the sun and the moon to lose their colours, and directly attracting the eyes of people towards her. Wu Ling was no exception.


“Alright, since you’re under an order, I won’t make things difficult for you. However, you must make proper arrangements for Ruo Yuan and Hong Li.” Then, much to Wu Ling’s surprise, Su Xi-er got onto the horse carriage.


Women are really capricious! Although she was adamant about not going just a moment ago, she has now voluntarily gotten into the horse carriage!

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Su Xi-er stated unhurriedly, “Very simple. We just have to knock them out.”

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