A hubbub instantly broke out in the teahouse. Compared to Nanzhao’s General Yun, Beimin’s Prince Hao was the most attractive. Although Nanzhao’s General Yun and Prince Hao were both considered to be peerlessly handsome men, there was still a disparity in their actual scope of influence. 


Due to the previous turmoil in Nanzhao, the overall strength of the nation had declined. Beimin on the other hand, was growing more prosperous with each passing day and had the strongest national power. With his overwhelming status in Beimin, Prince Hao could be considered the most powerful and eminent man across all the nations. 


Pei Qianhao could be described as being bathed in a halo of light. No matter who it was, their eyes would light up once the words ‘Prince Hao’ were mentioned.


Su Xi-er drank a small cup of tea and paid the bill before walking out of the teahouse. She inhaled deeply and felt gloomy.


She surveyed her surroundings, but didn’t see Ruo Yuan and Hong Li. Where did those two lasses go?


Su Xi-er couldn’t help but shake her head before she began to search for them. They aren’t familiar with the capital, so they will only be playing in the vicinity. 


After searching for a short while, she spotted Ruo Yuan and Hong Li watching a stall that moulded clay figurines with excitement in their eyes.


Su Xi-er was about to walk in that direction when an arm suddenly pulled her back. She raised her head and realised that it was Wu Ling.


Shouldn’t he be following Prince Hao to Nanzhao? Why did he suddenly appear in the capital? Could it be that Prince Hao hasn’t set off yet?


Wu Ling lowered his voice and informed her solemnly, “Prince Hao instructed me to take you away.”


“Take me away? To where?” Su Xi-er surmised that the place he was going to take her to was definitely not the Beauty Palace.


“Naturally, I’m taking you to Prince Hao’s side.” A nondescript horse carriage stopped next to him as he spoke. This is the only way to take Su Xi-er away without creating a scene.


Why is he taking me there when he is going to Nanzhao? Even if we ignore that part, is he really deciding to take me along to Nanzhao despite the Empress Dowager’s order for me to remain in the Beauty Palace?


“Orders can’t be defied. Su Xi-er, get onto the horse carriage.” Wu Ling pointed at the horse carriage and made a ‘please’ gesture.


If I get onto this horse carriage, I will be going to Nanzhao… That place...I...


Subconsciously, she shook her head and enunciated her words, “Forgive me for finding it hard to obey the order.” She then turned to the side and walked in another direction.


“In that case, pardon me.” Wu Ling prepared to raise his hand to knock her out.


Who knew that Su Xi-er would dodge nimbly, her stern eyes overflowing with a cold glint. “Imperial Bodyguard Wu, you should take it easy while we’re in the capital’s night market.”


Leaving behind those fierce words, she continued forwards.


Wu Ling placed his hand down. What she said is correct, we’re at the capital’s night market. With how dexterous she is, one or two moves won’t be able to knock her out. It seems that I can only bide my time.


Wu Ling finally understood why Prince Hao added that sentence when he instructed him. “If she’s unwilling, simply knock her out.” Prince Hao had already foreseen everything.




Meanwhile, Ruo Yuan and Hong Li were enjoying themselves so much that they only came back to their senses when Su Xi-er called them.


“Look at how lifelike these clay figurines are! Why don’t we get the peddler to mould some of us?” Hong Li’s eyes were filled with expectation, but her ring of copper coins was already used up. In other words, she had no more money left.


Su Xi-er immediately asked the peddler, “How much does it cost to mould one?”


The peddler answered with a smile, “If I’m going to mould it based on your appearance, it would be 10 copper coins.”


Ruo Yuan yelped, “It actually costs 10 copper coins! I…” She paused at this point. I almost leaked out my monthly salary in the Palace Side Quarters.


I only get 30 copper coins after working hard in the Palace Side Quarters, while moulding a small figurine needs 10! Intimidated by the price, she pulled Hong Li to the side.


Su Xi-er instead fished out 20 copper coins without a second thought. “Mould one each for them.”


The peddler took the coins gleefully. “Miss, why don’t you want one? It’s the first time I’ve seen someone as beautiful as you since I started doing business.”

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