“Young Miss, Imperial Bodyguard Wu walked out from Shi Liu’s compound just now, but Shi Liu is already dead. Could he have come here for the beauty that just entered today? Imperial Bodyguard Wu was in such a hurry. What exactly has happened?”


Tan Ge reached out a hand to pinch her. “Keep a lid on your curiosity.” She then walked towards the Sandalwood[1] Compound.


The maidservant pouted and indignantly looked in the direction Wu Ling left in.




Outside the Beauty Palace, Wu Ling divided the imperial guards into four groups that headed towards the north, south, east and west respectively.


While they were anxiously searching, Su Xi-er was taking Ruo Yuan and Hong Li to admire the view of Beimin’s night market.




Beimin was larger than Nanzhao. Regardless of which aspect was compared, it was better than Nanzhao.


The night market was massive and flourishing with many pedestrians walking to and fro. The peddlers hawked their wares loudly, while the children frolicked around with each other. There were even pairs of men and women walking on the streets with the man in front, and the woman behind.


In Nanzhao, even if they were married, men and women in love couldn’t walk simultaneously on the streets. However, couples were allowed to do so in Beimin. The only caveat was that the woman had to walk behind the man to illustrate that the man’s position was higher than the woman’s. 


At this moment, Ruo Yuan pointed at a candy. “It’s made from sugar. So amazing!”


Hong Li patted her shoulder. “Come on, I have a few copper coins on me. Let’s go for a ringtoss and win some items back!”


“Alright!” Ruo Yuan immediately nodded.


Afterwards, the two walked into the distance, forgetting about Su Xi-er in their excitement.


Su Xi-er checked that they wouldn’t go too far before walking towards a teahouse at the side and taking a seat by the window. She ordered a pot of green tea and sipped it slowly as she observed the crowd.


It was especially lively outside the teahouse. Some were eating pastries and desserts, some were listening to tunes and some were listening to the storyteller’s narration.


The storyteller happened to be getting enthusiastic at this moment, but the subject he was on was...


“This is a matter that really happened in Nanzhao's imperial household. I heard about this from a friend who was doing business in Nanzhao.”


The audience eyes lit up. “Tell us quickly!”


The storyteller swayed his handheld fan. “After the Eldest Imperial Princess was killed by General Yun, her body wasn’t buried in the imperial mausoleum. The former Second Imperial Princess has become the current Eldest Imperial Princess, and seems to be very much in love with General Yun. This is practically a drama! The younger sister robbed the elder sister’s husband and the elder sister is killed. Even that little emperor has become a puppet!”


“Ah, we only just found out that he actually formed a relationship with the younger sister. Then the question becomes, when is he going to marry that younger sister?”


The storyteller’s eyes narrowed until it formed a narrow slit. “He won’t be able to marry her in such a short time. Although the little emperor has become a puppet, he is one with a strong will. He seems to be actively preventing this marriage. You have to know that Nanzhao’s little emperor had a very close relationship with the deceased Eldest Imperial Princess!”


As Su Xi-er sat there silently, the expression in her eyes darkened. Lianchen, you are also leading a very tough life, right? Elder Sister is not by your side, leaving you to deal with Yun Ruofeng alone. Furthermore, his power is so humongous. You are still not fully fledged, so how are you able to win against him?


The surrounding customers in the teahouse became even more interested, with one even commenting, “That little emperor’s power is minuscule. If General Yun really wanted to marry the current Eldest Imperial Princess, how would he be able to stop the marriage? I bet that it’s General Yun who suddenly doesn’t want to marry her anymore!”


Su Xi-er’s breath hitched. How can it be possible for him to not marry? Yun Ruofeng and Ning Anlian already have a child together. If he doesn’t marry her, her stomach is going to bulge day by day, attracting criticism from others.


The storyteller burst into laughter and waved the fan in his hand repeatedly. “He’s simply not marrying her. What you said is probably reasonable, but the little emperor has indeed prevented the marriage. Nanzhao has just stabilised not long ago and is now preparing for the state banquet. How would General Yun have the time to care about his personal love affairs?”


The storyteller paused at this point and smiled mysteriously. “In the past, Prince Hao didn’t deign to go to Nanzhao’s state banquet, but he has gone this time. From what I see, something major is about to happen.”

1. In Chinese, ‘Sandalwood’ contains the word ‘Tan’, the same character as the one in her name.

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