Wu Ling stopped and looked at the side chamber. There are definitely maidservants staying in the room on that side. Since I can’t look at Su Xi-er, I will check if the maidservants are present. It’s not possible for them to remain asleep with such a huge commotion.


Changing directions, he made his way into the side chamber. The quilt that covered the bed bulged up in the middle. According to Ye Qingzhu, there should be two palace maids who were brought here by Su Xi-er. If that’s the case, there should be two people lying on the bed. However, it really doesn’t look like it’s two people lying in there.


Wu Ling walked forward and lifted the quilt up, only to discover two pillows. He immediately proceeded to the inner chamber before doing the same with the bed in there, only to find a pillow again.


Su Xi-er has disappeared! Vanished into thin air!


Eunuch Sun was stunned. Su Xi-er had clearly gone into the room and hadn’t come out. she gone?


“Eunuch Sun, where are the people? The Beauty Palace is heavily guarded. Could a person have run away for no reason?” Wu Ling’s tone was solemn. It can’t have been that they were kidnapped, right?


If she has been kidnapped… and from within the Beauty Palace at that, it is a challenge towards Prince Hao! 


With such a thought, Wu Ling felt that the matter had become grave. Thus, without waiting for Eunuch Sun to answer, he immediately walked outside the courtyard.


If we search in the periphery and seal off the city gates, there is hope of finding Su Xi-er.


Eunuch Sun was getting anxious. There have never been slip-ups with the Beauty Palace under my supervision, so why has something occurred now of all times?!


Eunuch Sun immediately caught up. “Imperial Bodyguard Wu, this old servant surmises that nothing will happen to Su Xi-er. The worst that could have happened is that she really was kidnapped, but nobody would go to the trouble of taking the two maidservants too, right?”


On second thought, Wu Ling felt that Eunuch Sun made a lot of sense. If that’s the case, does this suggest that Su Xi-er took the two maidservants with her as secretly sneaked out?


I was too flustered just now and didn’t think it through clearly. So it turns out that the person challenging Prince Hao is Su Xi-er. This woman is tired of living right?


Wu Ling immediately instructed the imperial guard beside him. “Return to Prince Hao at full speed. Report to him that I’ll go over after some time and that Su Xi-er isn’t in the Beauty Palace. She has probably secretly slipped out.”


His subordinate nodded and turned around to leave rapidly.


At this moment, the woman who had been in the tiny boat on the lake sauntered over leisurely.


She paid her greetings to Wu Ling. “This humble woman, Tan Ge, pays her respects to Imperial Bodyguard Wu.”


The maidservant beside Tan Ge followed her in bending her knees and paying her respects. She then immediately asked, “Imperial Bodyguard Wu, why did you come to the Beauty Palace at night? Is Prince Hao also…”


Before she could finish, Tan Ge had pinched her hand and glared at her, warning her not to spout nonsense.


Wu Ling had no time to respond to them, and immediately strode away. 


Eunuch Sun looked at the maidservant with a stern expression. “This mouth should be slapped!” He then gave a warning glance at Tan Ge before leaving swiftly.


Once everyone had completely disappeared from sight, the maidservant mumbled, “Young Miss, you are still the Tan Residence’s Eldest Young Miss after all. Although the Tan Residence has lost its former glory, there’s still no need for us to fear a eunuch and act according to his mood!”


“Jeez, you should pay attention to what comes out from your mouth in the future. Don’t cause trouble. I won’t be able to protect you.” Tan Ge’s tone was suffused with helplessness as her eyes involuntarily became sorrowful.


I am supposed to be the Tan Residence’s hope. Dad used the last of his connections to send me into the Beauty Palace, but now look at how things have turned out. I feel like the Tan Residence’s hope is destined to become despair[1]


She couldn’t forget the first time she saw Prince Hao. At that time, he had been clad in cloud-patterned purple robes with noble aura exuding as he sat on the main seat. Just a glance was enough to instil fear in people and have everyone racing to pledge their allegiance to him. 


I’m afraid that was the first, and also last, time that I saw him.

1. Hope and despair rhyme in Chinese.

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So it turns out that the person challenging Prince Hao is Su Xi-er.

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