“The most prosperous and bustling place.” Su Xi-er then cast a meaningful glance at Hong Li and Ruo Yuan.


An idea popped into the coachman’s mind. Now I understand! This young lady must be the daughter of a noble house who’s changed into a set of servant’s clothes and secretly sneaked out to go visit the night market!


I really lack discernment for failing to recognise her identity. The smile on his face deepened. “These three misses, sit tight. We’ll be setting off now!”


The whip landed on the horse’s buttocks, causing the carriage to speed towards the night market. 


In the Beauty Palace however, a completely different scene was playing out.




Eunuch Sun raised his head to look at the man in front of him before speaking. “Imperial Bodyguard Wu, why are you suddenly looking for Su Xi-er?”


Imperial Bodyguard Wu lifted the black hat on his head. “I’m following Prince Hao’s instructions to take Su Xi-er away. Which compound is she in?”


“Prince Hao’s commands?” Eunuch Sun’s face was filled with bafflement. Why is Prince Hao concerned about a woman the Empress Dowager transferred over?


“Even someone sent here by the Empress Dowager is not allowed to stay without Prince hao’s consent. Take me to her compound.”


Hearing Wu Ling’s grave tone, Eunuch Sun immediately replied, “This old servant will take you there now. However, I reckon that she is already asleep.” He then headed towards the compound Su Xi-er was staying in.


The two of them soon arrived at Su Xi-er’s compound, passing by the pavilion in the lake in the process. The woman in white that had been in the pavilion was sitting in a boat that was being rowed by her maidservant. The boat slowly sailed towards the lakeside before it gently stopped at the shore. Looking up, the woman immediately recognised Wu Ling.


“Young Miss, what’s wrong?”


The woman’s expression remained distracted, only snapping out of her stupor when the maidservant waved her hand in front of her eyes. “The imperial guard that just walked past was Imperial Bodyguard Wu.” 


The maidservant immediately shrieked. “Imperial Bodyguard Wu?! He’s Prince Hao’s personal bodyguard. Could Prince Hao have entered the Beauty Palace? Heavens, which beauty’s compound did he go to? Young Miss, let us go and take a look.”


The woman immediately pulled the maidservant back. “How can we stop Prince Hao from entering a beauty’s compound? We just have to wait and observe how it develops.”


“Young Miss, you are a daughter from an eminent family, and the official eldest daughter at that. You mustn’t forget Senior Master’s words! Exactly for what purpose did you enter the Beauty Palace?”


“I haven’t forgotten. It’s just that I haven’t even caught a glimpse of Prince Hao since I entered the Beauty Palace. Even if He Xiangyu was favoured in the past, it was always imperial guards bestowing hairpins to her under Prince Hao’s orders…”


“Young Miss, Prince Hao is simply sounding He Xiangyu out. Didn’t we hear that…”


The woman immediately covered the maidservant’s mouth. “Don’t randomly make careless remarks. We are going back to our compound.”


The maidservant could only nod. Although Young Miss is very cautious in handling matters, she doesn’t have enough courage. If this goes on, how is she going to be able to meet Prince Hao?


Now that Imperial Bodyguard Wu has come, Prince Hao should also be coming soon right? We must make use of this opportunity!


But Young Miss is set on returning to the compound. Sigh.




When Wu Ling arrived at Su Xi-er’s compound, the candle in the room had already been extinguished.


“Imperial Bodyguard Wu, please hold on. This old servant will go and call her.” Eunuch Sun then walked forward and shouted for Su Xi-er from outside the room door.


However, no one responded even after he had tried several times.


Hence, Wu Ling stepped forward. “Su Xi-er.”


Even after calling for a few times, there was still no response. She’s in such a deep slumber?


Wu Ling was bewildered, but due to Prince Hao’s orders, he could only kick the door open and enter the room.


Clang! The room door was kicked open, causing Eunuch Sun to jump in fright.


“Imperial Bodyguard Wu, you are a full-grown man. It’s unacceptable for you to enter a woman’s room!”

Eunuch Sun’s call reminded Wu Ling. What if Su Xi-er is really sleeping so deeply? At the moment, Prince Hao’s attitude towards Su Xi-er is very ambiguous. Although he is currently oppressing her with his might, it feels as if he has some other intention as well

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