When night fell, Su Xi-er stuffed some pillows below the quilt before taking the silvers Old Maidservant Liu gave her and placing them into the fragrance sachet at her waist. Then, she took Hong Li and Ruo Yuan with her as they headed outside the courtyard.


There was no one on the small path. When they were about to reach the pavilion in the middle of the lake, the mellifluous sound of traditional Chinese bamboo music entered their ears.


With the aid of the moonlight, they noticed that there was a woman donned in a white dress in the small pavilion. Although she was aware that there were three people on the path, the distance made it impossible for her to tell exactly who they were.


Hong Li was a little nervous. “Su Xi-er, I feel like she has discovered us.”


Su Xi-er reassured her softly, “Don’t be afraid. She doesn’t know who we are. Besides, even if she knows, she still won’t expose us.”


The Beauty Palace is just like the imperial harem. Anyone with little brains would know what they should and shouldn’t say.


Just as they were about to reach the Beauty Hall, Su Xi-er purposely made a detour, choosing a narrow and winding path to the side


When they had entered the Beauty Palace earlier today, she had taken note of the paths around here. She knew that there was a narrow and winding path beside the Beauty Hall that passed through the grove and led to the entrance.


Hong Li and Ruo Yuan followed Su Xi-er as she swerved left and right before they arrived at the entrance. The massive copper gates before them hid the two imperial guards that were surely behind them.


Su Xi-er pointed at the copper gates. “Ruo Yuan, you’re going to come in handy.”


Ruo Yuan widened her mouth. “Aren’t we secretly sneaking out? Why are we going by the front gate?”


“Since we’re going by the entrance, you should naturally help open the door. Ruo Yuan, you are in charge of the one on the left, while Hong Li and I will be in charge of the one on the right.” Su Xi-er pointed at the left and right copper gates as she speedily relayed the plan to them.


Ruo Yuan nodded her head, pulling her sleeves up and taking large strides forwards while Hong Li followed behind her.


Yet,  before they had completely emerged from the grove, the copper gates were opened to allow several imperial guards into the Beauty Palace. 


Su Xi-er observed the imperial guards. From how they’re walking straight ahead, it looks like they’re carrying out some official business under someone’s orders.


The few imperial guards had just walked into the Beauty Palace when Eunuch Sun rushed to the scene. Unfortunately, she was too far away to make out what they were saying.


Immediately after that, Eunuch Sun led the few imperial guards forward. The imperial guards who had been guarding the Beauty Palace’s entrance had been dispatched elsewhere at the last minute for unknown reasons.


At any rate, after the guards had disappeared, there was nobody guarding the copper gates.


Su XI-er immediately cast a meaningful look at Ruo Yuan and Hong Li. “How lucky that we can save our strength and it’s just nice that the coast is clear.”


The two understood her signal, and not long after, the three of them had walked out of the Beauty Palace without a hitch. 


Hong Li spread out her arms and inhaled a deep breath. “The air outside is simply wonderful. It’s so fresh!”


Ruo Yuan’s eyes turned constantly as she took in her surroundings and asked in puzzlement, “Which direction is the night market in?”


“You two can express your amazement, curiosity and excitement later; for now, we’re still too close to the Beauty Palace.” Su Xi-er reminded as she hastened her footsteps.


After walking for about 15 minutes, Su Xi-er finally managed to flag down a horse carriage in the neighbouring street with her waving hand.


The coachman stopped the horse carriage, an annoyed expression overcoming his face when he saw the coarse clothes that the three women were clad in. How could girls like these, who look like they’re working odd jobs, have money for a horse carriage?


With such an impression, the coachman immediately raised his horse whip as he prepared to drive the carriage forward.


Su Xi-er swiftly reached out her hand to pull on the reins. “You’re not accepting business?”


“Look at the clothes you guys are wearing!” the coachman complained in annoyance.


Su X-er laughed. “Do you look at the clothes or look at the silvers?” Su Xi-er then took out a fragment of silver from her fragrance sachet.


The coachman’s eyes lit up. Only a few copper coins are needed to ride a horse carriage, but this is actually a tael of silver fragment.


Immediately, the coachman’s expression eased and he exclaimed jubilantly, “We can talk things through properly. Where should I drive you all to?”

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