Su Xi-er looked at her. After all is said and done, she simply doesn’t want me to stay in the Beauty Palace.


In He Xiangyu’s eyes, the Beauty Palace was everything; but in Su Xi-er’s eyes, it was nonsense. 


All the women in it get jealous and fight each other just for the sake of winning Prince Hao’s favour. However, how long does it take before Prince Hao would even step into one of their rooms?


I’m afraid that only his personal bodyguard, Wu Ling, as well as Eunuch Sun, who is in charge of the Beauty Palace’s order, would know. After all, Eunuch Sun had mentioned that he has to make a record every time Prince Hao enters a beauty’s room.


Yet, all the records are empty even now. There’s no sign that this will ever change either. 


Eunuch Sun must naturally know that there is not the slightest meaning in every beauty in the Beauty Palace vying against one another, as well as the fact that Prince Hao treats this as little more than an entertaining show. Perhaps he could also be hiding something else, which attributes to why he only collects them but doesn’t let them warm his bed. 


Su Xi-er smiled at He Xiangyu. “Alright, I have accepted your reminder. I won’t stay in the Beauty Palace. If you want to fight, fight with the other women.”


Su Xi-er than walked towards her room, leaving a perplexed He Xiangyu behind.


She really won’t remain in the Beauty Palace? She really won’t snatch Prince Hao from me?




Su Xi-er surveyed the room that she had been assigned. The decorations were simpler, but also refreshing and elegant. There were three rooms altogether ー the inner chamber, the outer chamber, and the side chamber.


Ruo Yuan came running out from the inner chamber and joyfully exclaimed, “I have tidied the place up for you. You will be sleeping on a huge bed inside! Its size is double of those in the Palace Side Quarters! There are even decorative carved patterns beside the bed!”


Ruo Yuan’s eyes were brimming with excitement as she elaborated.


Su Xi-er replied, “If you like it, I’ll let you sleep on it.”


Ruo Yuan shook her head. “The bed is already laid, and it’s for you to sleep on. Hong Li and I will be sleeping in the side chamber. Although that bed isn’t as big as the one in the inner chamber, it’s still very large enough for Hong Li and me to sleep on.”


At this moment, Hong Li lifted the flowery curtains and made fun of her, “Make sure you stay still while you sleep at night and refrain from kicking me to the floor. I can’t bear your leg martial arts!”


Ruo Yuan waved her hand repeatedly. “I am very still when sleeping. I don’t budge at all.”


Su Xi-er smiled. “Alright, that’s enough. We will be secretly slipping out tonight. Didn’t you say you wanted to visit the night market?”


At the mention of the night market, Hong Li and Ruo Yuan became even more excited.


On the other hand, Su Xi-er was mulling over how they would secretly sneak out of the Beauty Palace.




Meanwhile, on the road to Nanzhao.


Seeing that the sun was setting, Pei Qianhao led his imperial guards into an inn in the province. They would be resting for the night before hurrying on with their journey the next day.


At this moment, Wu Ling passed a letter to Pei Qianhao. “Your Highness, this is from Ye Qingzhu’s messenger pigeon. Something major has occurred in the imperial palace.”


Pei Qianhao reached out his hand to take it, the corners of his lips lifting as he perused it. Wu Ling secretly sneaked a glance and didn’t understand. Why is His Highness revealing such an expression? Ye Qingzhu wouldn’t have sent a messenger pigeon if it wasn’t a major matter.


Pei Qianhao handed the piece of paper to Wu Ling. “Burn it. It’s nothing really major.”


Wu Ling took it and accidentally caught a glimpse of the words ‘Su Xi-er’. Hm? The matter is related to Su Xi-er?


Unable to suppress his curiosity, Wu Ling looked at the letter and was flabbergasted!


Su Xi-er has been transferred into the Beauty Palace by the Empress Dowager? The Empress Dowager clearly harbours that kind of intention towards Prince Hao. Moreover, Su Xi-er is an extremely beautiful woman. What is she trying to accomplish by doing this?


“Your Highness, aren’t you against transferring Su Xi-er to the Beauty Palace? Why aren’t you stopping it?” Wu Ling asked.


“I am indeed not going to keep her. Immediately turn back to the capital, secretly go to the Beauty Palace, and bring Su Xi-er here for this prince. If she’s unwilling to come, knock her out.”


Pei Qianhao’s tone indicated that he was serious, causing Wu Ling to be unable to fathom Prince Hao’s intentions.

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