Hong Li’s words struck a raw nerve in He Xiangyu. It’s not that he hasn’t entered my room for a very long time, but that he has never set foot in it.


In front of others, Prince Hao bestowed the hairpin to me and permitted me to enter the imperial palace. Although this is a tremendous honour in everyone else’s eyes, only I know the bitter feelings associated with it.


Ruo Yuan saw He Xiangyu’s dejected expression and couldn’t bear to watch any longer. Hence, she remarked to Hong Li softly, “She’s rather pitiful. Despite being taken into the Beauty Palace and having a period of glory, it seems like Prince Hao doesn’t care about her anymore. As the days pass by, she’s going to lose her youthful looks. At that time, she will be even more pitiful. Let’s not disparage her any further.”


In fact, Ruo Yuan was completely unaware that she had inadvertently ‘stabbed’ He Xiangyu. Hong Li could no longer hold her laughter in and giggled. She had actually been prejudiced against Ruo Yuan in the past. But now that I look at her again, she’s actually so adorable.


Su Xi-er’s expression didn’t change as she suppressed the smile that almost reached the corners of her mouth.


He Xiangyu’s expression abruptly darkened. I’m actually being ridiculed by a fat woman. No matter what my plight is, I’m still better than a fat woman.


However, this is not the time to be madly quarrelling with them. He Xiangyu understood this point very well.


Hence, she said, “Su Xi-er, I haven’t seen you in a very long time. There are some words I would like to have with you in private.” He Xiangyu paused at this moment to look pointedly at Hong Li and Ruo Yuan.


Su Xi-er passed her cloth bundle to Ruo Yuan. “You two return to the room first and tidy it up. I’ll go over later.”


Hong Li glanced at her before casting a meaningful look at Ruo Yuan and heading off.


After the two left, He Xiangyu walked closer to Su Xi-er and stopped roughly three metres away from her. “In the past, you were timid and afraid of getting involved. When you were bullied and hurting from your injuries, I carefully waited upon you by your side and braved dangers to steal medicine from Old Maidservant Zhao’s room for you. Every time, I would work as fast as possible so that I could help you. Afterwards, when I provoked someone I shouldn’t have, it was you who willingly went to take the blame. I didn’t force you.”


Su Xi-er watched He Xiangyu silently. Without the memories of the previous Su Xi-er, there’s little point in He Xiangyu telling me all this.


“All human hearts are made of flesh. After taking the blame, your work changed from sweeping the palace path to scrubbing the chamber pots. I, on the other hand, happened to meet Prince Hao while sweeping the palace path. I also didn’t forget about you after entering the Beauty Palace. But you...aren’t you clear about what you have done? Coming back to bite the hand that feeds you, you’ve caused me to be bitterly disappointed. How could I continue to treat you well?”


He Xiangyu’s eyes were overflowing with a pained look.


Since she’s playing this move with me, I have to give her some face. Su Xi-er sighed. “I remember all about how you have treated me well in the past. Since I had taken the blame for you, we shall write off our past gratitude and grudges once and for all.”


He Xiangyu harrumphed loudly. “Write off once and for all? How can it be that easy? Su Xi-er, you have had a radiant and beautiful appearance since you were young, and you have gotten even more beautiful with time. If Prince Hao sees you, he will definitely take you into the Beauty Palace. If you come here, you and I will be complete arch-enemies.”


He Xiangyu’s expression suddenly changed once she reached this point before she switched to a commanding tone. “That’s why you must leave the Beauty Palace. No matter what it is, you are not allowed to be here! Someone has actually died in this room!”


Su Xi-er’s intonation was raised as she replied with an “oh”. Then, she pretended as if she had suddenly realised something. “It can’t be that Shi Liu was killed by you, right?”


He Xiangyu was taken aback, but quickly refuted, “Su Xi-er, don’t slander me venomously! How could I have killed her when I was in my own courtyard that day? Su Xi-er, you have surprisingly gotten eloquent. On account of our old friendship, let me remind you of one thing: it isn’t so easy to stay in the Beauty Palace.”

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