"A-Jing, get someone to send a letter to Lianchen; I need to know how he is faring right now."




Suddenly, a commotion got their attention as Wu Ling came stumbling in with several soldiers supporting him.


Aware that he had been tracking Yun Ruofeng, Su Xi-er immediately went forth to check on his injuries. "Wu Ling, are you okay?"


"Your Highness, please do not worry. I already escaped two days ago, and these injuries are merely external."


"Save your energy. Put him on the table! Get some hot water, clean cloth and hemostatic herbs!" Su Xi-er stopped him from speaking further and waved at the other soldiers.




The soldiers immediately followed the instructions, placing Wu Ling on the table and fetching the necessary items. 


Noticing that she was planning to attend to him personally, Pei Qianhao grabbed the cloth from Su Xi--er. "You can rest at one side."


Wu Ling concurred. "Princess Consort, it's just a minor injury, you don't have to worry. Prince Hao, this subordinate can do it by myself."


"You have always been the one attending to this Prince in the past, so let me help you bandage up this time. Is this injury the work of Yun Ruofeng?"


Wu Ling's expression grew grave as he clenched his teeth. "When this subordinate went to investigate, I discovered that Yun Ruofeng and his subordinates have vastly improved their martial prowess by utilizing Yinluo Grass!" He paused, a complicated expression clouding his face.


Su Xi-er clenched her fists. "He has consumed Yinluo Grass, and a lot of it at that."


"Consuming it excessively may confer one with formidable strength for a while, but the body will not be able to bear it within half a month. There are only two outcomes – one is extreme insanity that drives one to kill whoever they meet, and the other is sudden death." Pei Qianhao explained. 


He hadn't expected Yun Ruofeng to use Yinluo Grass again.


"Prince Hao, this person must be killed!"


"This Prince already has a trap ready and waiting for him. My plan for how he'll die is pretty good." A menacing look appeared in the bottom of Pei Qianhao's eyes. 


He must pay for the pain he has brought onto Xi-er with interest!


"A-Jing, I want to be with you."


Pei Qianhao pondered for a bit before nodding. "Alright, as you wish."


In a few minutes, Wu Ling's injury had been cleaned up and bandaged. However, even though they were flesh wounds, some spots were deep enough to see the bone. He would have to spend at least several days recuperating.


Su Xi-er ordered for the guards to carry him out of the private room. He wouldn't be allowed to leave for these few days.


The two then had their lunch in the posthouse. Another hour passed, and there was finally some commotion from outside.


Since he had chosen to consume Yinluo Grass, Yun Ruofeng must have made preparations to launch a counterattack.


However, Su Xi-er never expected for Zi Sha to have fallen into his hands.


At the city gate where weapons clashed against each other, Zi Sha was bound to a pillar, her purple dress stained with blood.


Standing on the city wall, Hua Zirong was aghast by the humongous black mass of people beneath. 


I can't believe Yun Ruofeng has actually hidden so many subordinates in Xiliu!


I am really a failure as Xiliu's monarch!


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