Su Xi-er reciprocated his hug. “A-Jing, when did you learn that I was abducted by Yun Ruofeng?”


"The moment Zi Sha gave chase. I'm sorry for not finding you in time, Xi-er." Pei Qianhao caressed her head, reproach evident in his eyes.


But everything was part of a plan, and despite priding himself as clever, Yun Ruofeng had long fallen into the trap, so how can I possibly blame A-Jing? I am simply afraid that I will become his handicap in the future.


Su Xi-er glanced at the man in the cloak who was pinned down to the ground, then turned her gaze to Zi Sha. "He's yours. Feel free to deal with him however you like. No need to pass him to me again."


Zi Sha nodded, but didn't identify Su Xi-er as her master in front of everyone.


Despite having stayed silent until now, Yu Xiao suddenly spoke. "Princess Consort Hao, now that Hua Ziqing has fallen, and his collaboration partner, Yun Ruofeng, has disappeared, we must quickly deal with the former. Otherwise, the consequences will be disastrous."


No longer the young man he was previously, Yu Xiao now exuded a mature aura.


Although he had secretly escaped from the army barracks, his experience in Xiliu had proven to be more meaningful.


The cloaked man sneered. "You won't be able to ruin Master's plan!"


Coldness swirled in Su Xi-er's eyes as she walked to the cloaked man and asked in a frigid voice. "Your master isn't Hua Ziqing, but Lanshan?"


"You will find out in the future. Now that my life is in your hands, you may do as you wish. But let me tell you, Ning Rulan, your death is near. Even if you have occupied someone else's body, don't tell me you have forgotten about your relentless nightmares."


Su Xi-er smiled. "You are behind them."


Upon learning that Su Xi-er was having nightmares, Zi Sha immediately spoke up, "Princess Consort Hao, he must have done something. I can solve the problem, you don't have to worry."


"Haha, Zi Sha, you're really conceited! How long have you practised your occult skills? Even if you can solve the problem, what about Ning Rulan's lifespan? In the occult arts, one who occupies another's body is an evil spirit, and they won't live for long. This extends to the child in her stomach!"


Ruthlessness flashed in Pei Qianhao's eyes. With a flick of his wrist, he forced a gale down the cloaked man’s open mouth.


In an instant, the cloaked man felt as if his throat was blocked, finding it difficult to breathe. It was then that Du Ling twisted his neck, making the eye’s roll back as his breathing ceased.


Removing his cloak, Su Xi-er stated, "He is a two-faced person."


She now knew two two-faced people; first Shi Mo, and now this man.


Zi Sha let out a soft sign. "So, if he hadn't been involved in this matter, even if he was the target of criticism and gossip by his tribe members, he would have been an upright person. I didn't expect him to become so evil."


She had initially planned to wake up the conscience in him with kindness and guide him onto the right path, for his talent in occult skills was rare in the tribe. 


"People change; there are few who keep kindness in their heart." Su Xi-er stated without fluctuation in her voice. 


Tan Ge was like that, and now the cloaked man too. 


"Princess Consort Hao, I'll follow you to the bamboo hut and help you take your pulse." Zi Sha's face was plagued with concern. 


It is easy to solve the problem of Master's nightmares, but if her destiny really can’t be changed, then… I will have to bring her back to the Yi Tribe since Master's destiny is murky to me.

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