Su Xi-er stiffened. 


How long has it been since I last heard of the ‘Yi Tribe’? I didn’t expect her to come from the same tribe as my mother. Consort Mother was a beauty, but after Emperor Father forcibly married her, he didn’t cherish her. Her depression brought about her early death, and the bloodline of the Yi Tribe only served to have the officials of Nanzhao look down on me. This only led to Yun Ruofeng rising to power, my own banishment, and subsequent death.


“Eldest Imperial Princess, your Consort Mother was the only daughter of the Yi Tribe Chief. Now that the Yi Tribe has gone into seclusion, there aren’t many members left. The Yi Tribe blood in you is our pride.”


Tides of waves crashed against Su Xi-er’s heart, but she simply smiled. “You believed the rumours that I am Nanzhao’s Eldest Imperial Princess?”


Zi Sha replied respectfully, “Everyone thinks that the Yi Tribe are barbarians and must be banished, but our bloodline is the noblest in the world. All the founding monarchs of the four nations of the Central Plains have received favours from the Yi Tribe, yet we continue to suffer discrimination!


“Eldest Imperial Princess, the Chief has already passed away, and there’s no one to inherit the Yi Tribe. I hope you can quickly acknowledge your identity, return to the Yi Tribe, and take up his mantle.”


No wonder she has worked so hard to search for me. It turns out that the Chief, who is also my maternal grandfather, has passed away.


Consort Mother used to say that Grandfather doesn’t value kinship, but the tribe members instead. Back when Emperor Father asked for her hand in marriage, she was unwilling, so he talked terms with Grandfather. In exchange for Consort Mother, Emperor Father would give the Yi Tribe territory.


I also heard from Consort Mother that the most powerful xuanshushi[1] could divine a person’s destiny and prophesise the future. Zi Sha must have learned from that xuanshushi that I am Ning Rulan.


“Eldest Imperial Princess, you have been dragged into the troubles of the Xiliu Imperial Family, but Prince Hao should be capable of dealing with everything. This bamboo hut is very safe. Once the situation has settled, I will bring you out.” Zi Sha cupped her fists and bowed respectfully before leaving to brew some tea.


Su Xi-er’s hands that were hidden in her sleeves clenched even more tightly.


The grandfather that sold off my mother has died, and now the tribe members want me back. If I returned, I’d have to admit that I am Ning Rulan, but wouldn’t that bring chaos to the world?!


Su Xi-er’s brow was knitted tightly. 


The four nations look down on the Yi Tribe, hunting them down whenever they’re found. If I return, my reputation will affect Lianchen and A-Jing.


Nanzhao’s Emperor and Princess Consort Hao have Yi Tribe blood in them.


Now that Lianchen is the Emperor, no one dares to mention his bloodline. All six ministries of Nanzhao and the army are under his command. However, Nanzhao will definitely be thrown into unrest because of this matter.


Su Xi-er’s stomach suddenly spasmed with pain. She immediately placed her hand over her stomach and softly murmured, “Child, be obedient. Don’t torment your mum, alright?”


However, her attempt was futile. Su Xi-er felt like she could feel the feet of her child kicking against her.


“You’re probably a boy with how strongly you’re kicking.” The corners of her mouth still curved up despite the pain. “Child, your mum will lie down and rest for a bit.”


Su Xi-er walked to the bed as she caressed her stomach a she laid down, but the child continued to kick.


“If you continue to torment your mum, be careful of your dad beating you when you come out!” Su Xi-er teased.


And then, a miracle happened! Her stomach stopped hurting!


Don’t tell me that A-Jing is the best painkiller? Or is my child telling me that no matter what the future may hold, he and his dad will be here to accompany me?


Warmth flowed into Su Xi-er’s heart. 


I have my child, A-Jing, Lianchen, and an elder brother. They’re all powerful and amazing people. What do I have to fear?!


As for the Yi Tribe, I’ll have to discuss it with A-Jing. Right now, settling the matters in Xiliu and Yun Ruofeng have the highest priorities.


Zi Sha took care of Su Xi-er throughout the five days she stayed in the bamboo hut. On the sixth day, she heard a sound from the bamboo forest and ventured out. She was greeted by the sight of Du Ling ruthlessly throwing the man in the cloak to the ground. Next to him stood Pei Qianhao, Zi Sha, and Yu Xiao.


The second she laid eyes upon A-Jing, Su Xi-er’s gaze became gentle, and tears glistened in her eyes.


Pei Qianhao went forth and embraced her. “Xi-er, it has been hard on you these few days.”

1. A practitioner of occult and mysterious techniques.

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