This was Su Xi-er's first time seeing someone using music to command a snake.Looking towards Yun Ruofeng, she found that while the thick pythons were wound tightly enough to prevent him from moving, they didn’t seal his breathing.


It looks like Zi Sha doesn't want his life yet. 


Upon seeing Su Xi-er's get down from the carriage, Yun Ruofeng immediately signaled to his subordinate with his eyes, but his attempt didn't escape Zi Sha. 


The tune changed, and another two snakes surrounded the guard, preventing him from getting near Su Xi-er. 


"Who are you? Why are you hindering this Prince?"


Zi Sha lowered the tree leaf in her hand. "This is not about hindering you, but repaying a favour to someone else." She walked to Su Xi-er and bowed respectfully. "Zi Sha pays respects to Master."


Su Xi-er was bewildered. 


I have never saved her, so what favour is there to repay?


"Master, it's a long story, and it’d be better if we leave here first. I know you are pregnant, but are you able to ride a horse?"


Su Xi-er nodded. "I should be fine if we go slower."


"Mmm". Zi Sha then whistled, and another horse galloped over.


"Master, this horse is female and very gentle. I'll help you up."


Su Xi-er came to the horse and grabbed the rope, leaping onto the horse with Zi Sha's help.


She patted the horse's head gently, and mumbled beside its ear.


Zi Sha smiled. "Master knows how to tame a horse."


Su Xi-er stroked the horse. Before leaving, she told Yun Ruofeng, "If you step into the capital again, only death awaits you. Lianchen was benevolent enough to not strip you of your title of Prince, but a narrow and selfish heart cannot accomplish great things."


She turned to Zi Sha. "Remove Prince Qing's tablet from his waist."


"Yes!" Zi Sha went over to Yun Ruofeng.


His eyes were shooting icy daggers, but could only watch helplessly as Zi Sha took the tablet away and handed it to a Su Xi-er who had once again escaped his grasp.


By the time the python’s began to loosen their grip, Su Xi-er and Zi Sha were long gone. As soon as Yun Ruofeng found himself able to move his hand, he immediately unsheathed his sword and began beheading the pythons. With bloodshot eyes, he continued until blood of the serpents painted the ground red.


"Prince Yun, we can't stay here for long. With how big the snakes were, there must be a snake pit nearby. We can slowly plan a long-term strategy for Princess Consort Yun.”


Yun Ruofeng’s eyes were frostily dark. Calculate? Everything was calculated! Yet, that purple dress woman just had to appear!


The moment he got onto the horse carriage, Yun Ruofeng growled, “This Prince wants her dead!”


There was no doubt that he was referring to Zi Sha.




Meanwhile, Su Xi-er and Zi Sha had already arrived at a bamboo hut in the suburbs that Zi Sha was residing in.


Noticing how the bamboo forest circled differently, Su Xi-er calmly said, “You know Qimen Dunjia[1]. Who on earth are you?”


“Master, I won’t harm you. I’ll go and brew some tea.”


“There’s no need, but tell me what conflict is there between you and the man in the cloak?” Su Xi-er stared straight at her with a probing look.


Zi Sha bit her lips. 


That person and I are very different. The penetrating look in her eyes is akin to that of a hawk.


“I am from the Yi Tribe.”

1. A type of ancient Chinese divination technique.

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