When the carriage arrived at the city gates, the guards on duty stopped them. However, Yun Ruofeng merely showed a tablet to them before being allowed to pass.


Noticing the character ‘Qing’ on the tablet, derision emerged in Su Xi-er’s eyes. He is pretty capable to have obtained the tablet that Hua Ziqing carries around with him.


“Lan-er, we won’t go to any country this time. I have found a secluded place that is shrouded in mist and overgrown with poisonous plants, but I have already carved out a safe path. No one will be able to find us once we get there. You just have to be obedient, and the child will be fine.” Yun Ruofeng said softly before his tone became threatening. “If you’re not obedient, I have to remind you that no man can tolerate his beloved woman giving birth to another’s child. Lan-er, you’re a clever person, you should know what to do.”


“Yun Ruofeng, Ning Anlian was pregnant with your child back then, but you still made her abort it. Only now do I understand why she hated me so much; for a mother to be forced to abort her own child is inhumane.”


Yun Ruofeng’s expression changed slightly upon hearing her mention Ning Anlian. “Lan-er, don’t you know why this Prince was so ruthless back then? Firstly, the power you held was too enormous, and secondly, you weren’t gentle enough towards this Prince. As for Ning Anlian, it was just a moment of impulse.”


Su Xi-er didn’t reply to him. 


He still hasn’t admitted to his mistakes. What people say is right, you don’t know how to cherish something until you no longer have it.


“Lan-er, what you see from Pei Qianhao is only superficial. You and I have known each other for so long…”


She cut him off. “Even after knowing you for so long, I still haven’t seen through you. How could you say that about A-Jing when the way you treat me is the definition of ‘superficial’?”


“A-Jing…Haha, you call this Prince by my name, yet you call him ‘A-Jing’. Him and I are ultimately different.”


A veil of coldness covered Su Xi-er’s visage. “Of course, you two are different. He is my husband, the person I will follow for a lifetime, and he is also the father of my child. As for you, you are just scheming to prevent anyone from having a good life.”


“Lan-er, do you remember our first meeting? You bumped into my arms in the army barracks, but now I regret everything. I want to give you something better, so let’s stay secluded from the world while we plan for the future.” Yun Ruofeng ignored her identity as Princess Consort Hao, and painted a beautiful picture of the future, as if he was living in an illusion.


Su Xi-er kept quiet, looking out of the window through the curtains and guessed that they were already in the suburbs. Just one more night, and they would be able to reach the border between Beimin and Xiliu. However, something seemed to be amiss with the route.


The carriage continued to travel without stopping. The curtain of night fell, and a galaxy of stars dotted the sky.


Su Xi-er leaned against the wall of the carriage. In the past, her child would give her trouble before long, yet they were strangely quiet today.


Suddenly, a woman hollered. “Stop!”


Yun Ruofeng knitted his brow and swept the curtain aside to see a slim woman dressed in purple. 


A feeble woman; nothing to fear.


“Continue driving.”


“Understood, Prince Yun!”


Zi Sha was riding a horse, and upon sensing that the situation was unfavourable, whistled a few times as if she was secretly sending a signal.


Soon after, there was a commotion from the bushes, and a few large snakes slithered out, nimbly biting the legs of the horse. The carriage was then forced to halt.


Yun Ruofeng clenched his fists. 


This woman is courting death!


Without a word, he flew down from the horse and pulled out the sword from his waist, attacking the woman.


Zi Sha deftly dodged his blade. She then plucked a leaf off a nearby plant and began to perform a tune.


When Su Xi-er got down from the carriage, she saw two large snakes wrapped around Yun Ruofeng.


The woman playing the tune is Zi Sha.

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