It took a long time before Pei Qianhao’s lips parted from Su Xi-er’s, his gaze lowering to her stomach. “Xi-er, we won’t stay in Xiliu for long. Let’s quickly settle matters here and return to Beimin.”


“Mmm, Zhen Yu is probably going to give birth soon. I want to learn from her experience when we get back!” Su Xi-er said playfully. 


She understood that the reason for their limited success in Xiliu was because of the collaboration between Yun Ruofeng and Hua Ziqing. If they wanted to make a move on the latter, getting Xiliu’s Imperial Family involved would be inevitable; at that point, they would be interfering with the matters of another nation.


Having met Hua Zirong during Nanzhao’s state banquet, Su Xi-er found that the man was composed and inscrutable.


Right then, Du Ling walked in with a solemn expression. “With the nation in turmoil, many of Xiliu’s soldiers have already been dispatched to handle the refugees who have flooded into the capital.” He glanced at Su Xi-er. “Stay put in the posthouse; don’t think of going anywhere.”


For the sake of the child in her stomach, Su Xi-er could only nod. “Alright, you two take care. I’ll wait for you.”


Pei Qianhao caressed her head and comforted her before following Du Ling out of the posthouse.


Su Xi-er continued to stay in the hall as she had some pastries and date tea. She then returned to her room in the backyard to rest in bed, stroking her stomach as she slowly fell asleep.


In her dreams, she found that the real Su Xi-er had come again to try to strangle her. “Return my body to me! Who are you to occupy it and snatch everything that belongs to me?!”


Su Xi-er’s brow furrowed in real life, and she jolted awake a moment later, her forehead breaking out in sweat.


Sitting up and sitting against the bed’s pillar, she raised her hand to wipe her sweat away.


I keep having the same dream.


A man’s cold voice sounded. “Lan-er, you’re finally awake. This Prince will bring you back.”


The voice sounded vaguely familiar.


Yun Ruofeng! Why is he here?


Su Xi-er raised her head to look at him. “Are you responsible for the turmoil in Xiliu?”


“You’re overestimating this Prince. Xiliu was already rotting from the inside out; I simply brought it to the surface.”


In this competition with Hua Ziqing, I am the victor. Pretending to leave some gaps for Hua Ziqing to exploit led to him dropping his guard.


“Instigating the unrest, diverting the tiger away from the mountain before kidnapping me. Are you sure you can succeed?” Su Xi-er got up from bed and tidied her clothes.


“The people in the posthouse have surrendered, and even Prince Hao’s Commander Wu has been tied up. Lan-er, for the sake of your child, you should come with me obediently.” Yun Ruofeng approached her with a smile.


Lan-er used to like seeing me smile in this manner.


“I’ll go with you.” Su Xi-er was unperturbed and walked out of the room before him.


Passing through the long corridors until they reached the outer hall, there was not a single person in sight. Even when they exited, there was nothing but a horse carriage waiting.


Yun Ruofeng walked forward. “I’ll help you up the horse carriage. Be careful of the child.”


“No need, I’m fine by myself.” Su Xi-er refused him and boarded the carriage.


With Yun Ruofeng’s hand left hanging midair, he smiled bitterly for a moment before his expression returned to normal. He ordered the guard, “Swiftly leave Xiliu.”




The wheels started rotating, and the carriage sped off.


In the corner of the street, a woman dressed in a purple dress stood quietly. It’s impossible for Prince Hao to not know that she has been taken away, and it’s even more impossible for it to be so easy to enter the posthouse. Could this be part of their plan? However, I can’t see Prince Hao agreeing to any plan that puts Su Xi-er in danger.


After some contemplation, the woman quickly gave chase.

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