“Perhaps you all have a hidden agenda that requires that person to be alive, however, it’s impossible for me to simply leave him alive after harming me.” Su Xi-er spoke calmly, yet it felt like she was a blade that was about to spring out from its sheath.


Guilt flashed past Zi Sha’s countenance. “I know that he has done some unforgivable things to you, but I hope you can leave him alive until the Western Region’s situation has stabilised.” Her tone was filled with sincerity.


Su Xi-er’s smile widened. “Give me a reason.”


Su Xi-er could sense that there was something huge hidden behind all of this, but she usually wasn’t so nosy. Only when she was in front of this Zi Sha did she feel so curious.


Zi Sha was a little dazed, feeling as if the person in her memories and the one in front of her had overlapped.


No, they’re too different. That person was delicate and weak, attracting the affection and pity of others. While this one also makes others want to dote on her, she is far from fragile.


“The current situation in the Western Region is very chaotic, with many forces in the dark eager to make a move. I need to leave him alive to fish out the mastermind.”


Maybe because it was because Su Xi-er and thet person in Zi Sha’s memory were too similar, but the latter didn’t feel the need to hide her inner thoughts as she had with Pei Qianhao.


Warmth emerged in Su Xi-er’s eyes. “I can promise you to let this person off temporarily, but once the dust has settled, this person must be handed to me to be dealt with.”


Zi Sha grinned. “This condition is very fair.”


The two exchanged knowing glances with a faint smile.


“Since things are done, I shall be leaving then.” Zi Sha turned to leave the way she came, not alerting another soul in the posthouse.


“A-Jing, was I being too reckless?” Su Xi-er took a glimpse at him.


Pei Qianhao shook his head. “No, Xi-er is meticulous, how could you possibly be reckless?”


“A-Jing, is the person behind the man with the black douli really Hua Ziqing?”


Shaking his head gently, Pei Qianhao surmised, “No, but there is definitely a connection between them.”


What he didn’t say was that he wouldn’t let the person off, regardless of who they were.


“A-Jing, I actually wanted to ask her if she knew me, but I eventually abandoned that idea.” Su Xi-er confessed.


Pain squeezed Pei Qianhao’s heart as he hugged her tightly. “Xi-er, don’t think too much.”


“Say, A-Jing, do you think I have become dumb and more moody ever since I’ve gotten pregnant?” Su Xi-er asked mischievously, trying to alleviate the uncomfortable emotions.


Pei Qianhao’s only reply was to kiss her lips, not releasing her for a long time.


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