Su Xi-er gently coaxed Pei Qianhao, warmth exuding from her eyes. “Go on, I’ll sleep for a bit more.”


Pei Qianhao almost couldn’t stop himself from kissing her, but he managed to restrain himself and left the room.


As Su Xi-er watched him leave, the corners of her mouth rose to form a faint smile. Stroking her stomach, she spoke softly, “Child, look at A-Jing.”


In the main hall, Zi Sha was comfortably seated in a chair, an almost indiscernible smile on her lips as she recalled her encounter with Su Xi-er.


It’s great that she’s still alive.


Pei Qianhao walked in expressionlessly, seating himself at the top. 


“What does the man with the douli have to do with Xiliu?” He went straight to the point.


The smile from Zi Sha’s face vanished, and was replaced by a solemn expression. “Prince Hao, this matter is related to Xiliu’s imperial secrets, so there’s nothing I can share.”


“Oh? And what if this Prince insists on finding out?” Pei Qianhao locked onto Zi Sha with a sharp glare, forcing the latter to sigh in helplessness.


“Prince Hao, this is Xiliu’s internal affair; I can only ask you not to interfere.”


The temperature in Pei Qianhao’s gaze dropped. “Xiliu’s internal affairs have already implicated Xi-er.”


Hearing the name ‘Xi-er,’ Zi Sha felt even more helpless. “Since you insist on knowing, I’ll say it then: he’s a two-faced person.” Zi Sha casually revealed the identity of the man with the douli.


Pei Qianhao made no comment, though his gaze turned colder.


Zi Sha continued. “Did you know that there’s a rumour saying that two-faced people are born rebellious and hapless.”


“Wasn’t it said long ago that two-faced people no longer exist in Xiliu?” Pei Qianhao asked.


“What you said is not wrong, Prince Hao. Two-faced people are Xiliu’s sins; their birth is a sin, and their death is also a sin.” A bitter expression flickered in Zi Sha’s eyes as she revealed a self-loathing smile.


Pei Qianhao sneered. “Then why does that man exist?”


“There’s something you may not know, Prince Hao. Not only is he the only two-faced person in Xiliu, he is also the only one in this world.” Zi Sha’s expression had returned to her usual faint smile.


Pei Qianhao’s gaze darkened. “This Prince doesn’t care if he’s the only one or the last one. As long as it affects Xi-er, I won’t let it go.”


“Prince Hao, I know that he has committed serious sins, but he is also a pawn. Now that you know the history of two-faced people, you also know why he was created.” Zi Sha switched her approach.


Pei Qianhao’s glare immediately focused on her as he uttered his next words. “That has nothing to do with this Prince. Anyone who provokes Xi-er can’t be spared.”


Hearing how resolute he was, Zi Sha couldn’t keep the frustration from her visage.


Just as it seemed that their discourse would end, Su Xi-er appeared while dressed in white, a trace of fragility lingering around her.


“A-Jing, killing him is very simple, but I don’t wish to kill him just like that.” She cast an indifferent glance at Zi Sha, watching the latter’s eyes return a grateful look.


However, Pei Qianhao was much more concerned with her being out of bed than anything else.


“Xi-er, didn’t I tell you to rest in your room?” He embraced her softly.


A warmth smile lit up Su Xi-er’s face. “A-Jing, can you let me speak with her?” Having thought things over in her room, Su Xi-er had decided to voice the questions in her heart. Unable to find it in himself to deny her, Pei Qianhao merely nodded.


Zi Sha could tell that Su Xi-er was giving her an avenue to ease the tension with Pei Qianhao. “I also wish to have a talk with Princess Consort Hao.”


The two exchanged smiles, as if they had not met for a very long time.


“Did you come here to protect the person who harmed me?” Su Xi-er asked.


Zi Sha shook her head. “Not to protect; it’s simply because he can’t die yet.”

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