Hua Zirong nodded with a smile. “Many thanks to Princess Consort Hao for the reminder.”


Understanding the principle of everything in moderation, Su Xi-er spoke no further.


Pei Qianhao added succinctly, “Some hold the knife, while others are the fish on the chopping block. Which side you are on is your choice.” 


He then stood up and left Liu Hall with Su Xi-er


“People may still survive from a natural disaster, but they can’t escape the consequences of their own sins.” Du Ling gave a sneer before he spun on his heel and left as well.


Watching the three of them leave, a tinge of coldness seeped into Hua Zirong’s gaze. Is that how you see this Monarch? I don’t wish for any of this, but I have no choice..




In Liushui Xiaozhu.


Hua Ziqing sat on a chair, clad in his white changshan, brewing tea as per his normal routine. His actions were slow but elegant, with every step done to precision.


The man in the black mask smirked. "Your Highness, I'm afraid the Lianjin Guards have sniffed us out. This subordinate found traces of their whereabouts today."


"How would you compare yourself with the Lianjin Guards?" 


The masked man replied seriously, "Ying is above me, while the rest are beneath me."


Hua Ziqing grinned. "Looks like Hua Zirong understands you well, else, he wouldn't have let Ying personally monitor you."


The masked man's eyes glimmered coldly. "Your Highness, how do you know that Ying is the one doing this?"


"Hua Zirong wants to make use of this opportunity to test if his conjecture is correct. If he finds out that Ying is more powerful than you, I'm afraid you'll lose your life soon." Hua Ziqing was unperturbed, as if he was chatting about the weather instead of a person's life.


The masked man's gaze turned icy cold. "Is Your Highness implying that Hua Zirong plans to kill this subordinate?"


"Isn't chopping off an arm of this Prince better than dealing with me directly?" Hua Ziqing smirked.


Realisation dawned upon the masked man. "This subordinate understands."


"Go and have a fight with Ying; even if you get injured, you have to pretend that you are fine, so that he can't determine your real strength." Hua Ziqing said in a calculative manner.


The masked man nodded and left Hua Ziqing to his own devices. With his eyes coldly glaring, Hua Ziqing continued to brew the pot of tea before him.


It was at this moment that the man with the douli walked in.


"Your Highness, I have already finished the task you assigned me to. Everything is going according to plan."


Hua Ziqing raised his head. "Not bad, you've done a great job."


“However, the person in the army barracks has been caught." The man with the douli reported.


Hua Ziqing's eyes became cold. "What happened?"


"It was the work of Hua Zirong's Heiying." The man replied.


A smirk formed at the corner of Hua Ziqing's mouth. "It looks like Hua Zirong has already uncovered those plans. Cease any further action, and make sure that you don’t leave that person in the army barracks alive.”

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