The next day, Su Xi-er was awake at the crack of dawn. She hadn’t had any nightmares, and finally enjoyed a peaceful night of sleep.


Raising her head, she saw Pei Qianhao gazing at her gently. "A-Jing, why do you stare at me as soon as I wake up?"


Pei Qianhao took her into his arms. "This Prince likes it."


Even though his words weren't coated with honey, Su Xi-er could feel his affections in her heart.


"Xi-er,are you up early again because our child is being naughty?" Pei Qianhao stared at her tummy.


Su Xi-er chuckled. "No, that's not it. Our child has been very obedient recently."


"Since you're so obedient, come out and you'll get a reward." Pei Qianhao teased affectionately.


Su Xi-er smiled wider. "Child, did you hear that? A-Jing said that you'll get a reward since you're very obedient."


Pei Qianhao couldn't help but plant a kiss on her cheek when he saw her gentle appearance.


A knock from the door suddenly sounded.


"Prince Hao, a plague has broken out in Liujing." Wu Ling’s voice sounded frantically from outside. 


Pei Qianhao exchanged glances with Su Xi-er before quickly leaving the bed to open the door for Wu Ling.


"Explain." Pei Qianhao’s tone was curt.


"Someone fainted on the streets today before being diagnosed with the plague. It seems that the same occurrence was noted throughout Liujing last night."


Pei Qianhao's eyes were frigid. "To think that they would be so crazy just for the sake of the throne."


"Your Highness, what should we do?” Wu Ling asked.


Su Xi-er gave a light smile. “Let Yu Xiao prepare some medicine and go through all the rooms in the posthouse; don’t leave even a nook and cranny unturned. As for the rest, convert them into fragrance sachets and distribute them to everyone.”


“Listen to the Princess Consort.” Pei Qianhao supported.


Wu Ling immediately went to carry out the order before Du Ling came in with a cold expression.


“You tell me, what does he stand to gain from doing this?” 


It was evident that Du Ling was fuming upon learning about what had happened in Liujing.


Su Xi-er smiled. “Elder Brother, people’s hearts are the easiest to control during a disaster. With the plague running rampant, and Hua Zirong unable to solve the problem, what do you think would happen if a person who can resolve the pestilence suddenly appears?”


Du Ling immediately understood what she was implying. “He is really mad; to think that he is using the lives of countless civilians for the sake of that position.”


Pei Qianhao’s eyes glistened coldly. “When one is encumbered by a desperate situation, the resolve to survive is kindled.”


“Has Hua Zirong not figured out this matter yet?” Du Ling mocked.


Su Xi-er sneered. “I think it’s less that he hasn’t realised, but that he doesn’t want to believe it.”


“As the monarch, he really is…” Du Ling didn’t finish his sentence, but ire continued to burn in his heart.


“Elder Brother, you don’t have to be like this. Things haven’t reached that point yet.”


“A-Jing, let’s make a trip to the imperial palace.” Su Xi-er suggested.


Pei Qianhao nodded, and the three quickly got onto a horse carriage before heading towards Liujing.




In Liu Hall.


Hua Zirong’s eyes were frigid as he listened to Heiying (black shadow)’s report. “Someone actually infiltrated the refugees and attempted to throw the army barracks into disarray?”

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