In Liu Hall.


Seated and clad in a black changshan, Hua Zirong tirelessly went through the memorial booklets.


“Your Majesty, someone from the army barracks has come.” A eunuch at the side notified him.


Hua Zirong raised his head. “Let him come in.”


The soldier then came in with a letter, passing it to the eunuch who then brought it to Hua Zirong.


His eyes steadily growing colder as he read, Hua Zirong’s hand slammed against the table in a thunderous bang.


“Someone, prepare a horse. This Monarch is personally going to the army barracks to see what is going on for myself.”


Worry flooded the eunuch’s eyes. “Your Majesty, please reconsider.”


Hua Zirong merely fixed him with an icy glare. “Speak no further. Quickly, prepare the horse.”


Uneasiness crept into the soldier’s heart. The army barracks are currently besieged by the plague. If His Majesty is unlucky enough to become infected… I’m afraid many people will have to answer with their lives.


A soldier completely wrapped in black walked out. 


“Your Majesty, this subordinate is willing to head there.”


At this, Hua Zirong finally nodded. “This Monarch wants to know what exactly happened in the army barracks.”


“This subordinate obeys the order.”


The soldier from the barracks breathed an internal sigh of relief. Fortunately, His Majesty isn’t insistent on going.


“Let’s go.” The guard in black signalled to the army barrack soldier before the two sped off towards the barracks on their horses.


Inside the army barrack, the commander’s face held a grim expression. “Have you found anything?”


“This subordinate is incapable. I have searched high and low, but found nothing suspicious.” The soldier’s head was drooped low.


A disdainful smile glimmered in the commander’s eyes. “Nothing suspicious? Then how do you explain what’s happening in the army barracks?”


Guilt spread across the soldier’s expression. “This subordinate and the army doctors have searched through the tents of the Third Platoon, but we couldn’t find any source of infection.”


The commander’s eyes became pensive. It looks like there’s something fishy with this.


The commander-in-chief walked in. “Commander, a plague has also broken out in Liujing.” 


The commander’s face was fuming. “What on earth is the situation?”


The commander-in-chief reported the encounter that the soldiers had experienced with Doctor Li.


After hearing the news, the commander’s eyes grew even colder. “Investigate this matter and seize that mother and son. The source of the infection must be found.”


The commander-in-chief nodded. On his way out, he happened to brush past the soldier in black and the other soldier. Turning back to catch a glimpse, a meaningful look flickered in his eyes briefly before he left.


The commander’s expression was respectful upon seeing the soldier in black, and he didn’t waste time with any superfluous words.


“All of you leave first.”


The rest obeyed his instructions and immediately withdrew from the tent.


Once they were alone, the commander reported everything that had transpired in the army barracks and the situation in Liujing to the soldier wrapped in black.


The soldier in black nodded. “Have you checked the water source?”


“Yes, but not only is the water source clear, we can’t find any other source of infection either.” 


“Mmm, I understand.” With that, the soldier in black left the tent and began to search the surroundings.


It’s just as they say: there is no source of infection. What exactly is the problem then?


However, he suddenly spotted a figure attempting to sneak away while carrying a package wrapped in cloth. It wasn’t long before the figure hid behind a large tree and attempted to burn the contents of the package, a bundle of clothes, in a fire.


“What are you doing?” The soldier in black hollered at him.

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