In the posthouse.


Lying in bed, Su Xi-er’s face was warped in pain as nightmares plagued her sleep, blurring the lines between reality and dream.


The unceasing howling and desolate cries. The gray and hazy sky. An arrow that penetrated the heart.


Who is that person standing on the cliff? Why do they seem to be the source of these thoughts that plague my mind?


The person suddenly turned around. 


It is me.


I fix the figure with a cold glare, but as soon as I approach them, they disappear.


Su Xi-er’s defense mechanism switched on as she desperately engaged in a tug-of-war with the nightmares.


What on earth is going on? I’m totally conscious, yet my body can’t move at all. Could this be the work of the man in the cloak again?


Regardless of any of that, no one can prevent me from waking up. 


With a bout of determination, Su Xi-er pierced through the haze, her eyes fluttering open.


The first sight that greeted her was Pei Qianhao’s worried gaze, his hand strained in an anxious grip around her own.


“Xi-er, did you have a nightmare?”


He gently wiped the sweat on her forehead, pain stinging his heart.


An indistinct smile spread across Su Xi-er’s visage. “As long as A-Jing and our baby are around, Xi-er has nothing to fear.”


In contrast to her words, uneasiness crept into her heart. The drug in my body should have already been dispelled, so why is it still like this? Should I ask Elder Brother what exactly is going on with this body?


However, how could Pei Qianhao not see through her thinly veiled facade? The more benign and understanding she was, the more his heart longed to shower her with affection.


“Xi-er, don’t bear everything by yourself. You can tell this Prince.” Pei Qianhao softly kissed her cheek.


A gentle smile tugged at the corner of Su Xi-er’s mouth. “I know, A-Jing.”


“Xi-er, tell me exactly what happened.” Pei Qianhao coaxed gently.


“I suspect that there’s a problem with this body, but I can’t be sure for now. I plan to ask Elder Brother; perhaps he can give me an answer.”


Pain squeezed Pei Qianhao’s heart, and he felt as if he was drenched in ice water. How I wish I could bear all this in her stead.


“Mmm, I’ll get Wu Ling to call the Western Region King.” Pei Qianhao held a gentle gaze.


“A-Jing, it’s in the middle of the night. Elder Brother should already have gone to rest.”


“Xi-er is the most important.” Pei Qianhao teased affectionately before speaking to Wu Ling who was outside the door. “Wu Ling, get the Western Region King to come here.”


Su Xi-er could only sigh inwardly. A-Jing must be still holding a grudge against Elder Brother for helping me hide things from him.


Outside the door, Wu Ling was similarly in the mood for a prank. Western Region King, you were asking for it. Of all things, why did you have to help Princess Consort Hao hide things from Prince Hao?


He quickened his pace and soon arrived at Du Ling’s door, giving it a solid knock. However, Du Ling was in a deep slumber, and it was only after Wu Ling gave a harder slam on the door that he wokeup.


Knock! Knock!


Du Ling instantly jolted out of his dream, anger casting a shadow on his face as he opened the door. “It’s in the middle of the night, Wu Ling. What are you trying to do?”

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