“State your purpose in coming here.” Hua Ziqing confronted him directly.


He was clear that the man in cyan had come looking for him with a goal in mind.


The man in the cyan changshan held a contemptuous look in his eyes. “The situation in Meng County has gotten out of control. If you still continue to bide your time, I’m afraid Hua Zirong will start his counterattack.”


“By the way, let me tell you something: the Lianjin Guards have appeared.” The man’s face was cold as he spoke.


The mocking look on Hua Ziqing’s face stiffened, quickly replaced by a solemn expression. “Is that true? That the Lianjin Guards have appeared?”


The man in cyan nodded. “That’s right, they did just a moment ago.”


Hua Ziqing’s eyes glistened with ridicule. “It looks like he is already resolved to stand on Hua Zirong’s side.”


“It’s your call as to whether our deal will continue.” A calculative look slid past his face.


Hua Ziqing smirked. “Of course, we will continue. After all, aren’t you my best collaborative partner?”


“Then what about Yun Ruofeng? What do you plan to do with him?” 


“Do remember not to go overboard. I have watched you trying to rope Yun Ruofeng in all this time.”


A smile tugged at the corner of the man’s mouth. “Both of us are in the same boat, so why would I trigger an internal conflict?”


“Aren’t you afraid that Lanshan will find out about you helping me?” Hua Ziqing asked coldly.


The man in cyan smirked. “Isn’t her objective also to assist you in attaining the throne?”


Hua Ziqing merely smiled at this.


With Hua Ziqing keeping quiet, the man in the cyan changshan also fell silent.


After a while, Hua Ziqing broke the silence. “There’s no getting bored when it’s you I’m talking to.”


“There’s no stopping when it’s you I’m playing chess with.” The man in cyan replied.


The two shared a knowing smile, and the man in cyan stood up before leaving the room.




Meanwhile, Ying, the commander of the Lianjin Guards, returned to Liu Hall.


Hua Zirong’s gaze was icy cold as he raised his head to glance at him. “Have you already found out what’s going on?”


A faint smile hung on Ying’s mouth. “Apart from Prince Hao, everything else has been investigated clearly. Please have a look, Your Majesty.”


He passed a stack of papers to Hua Zirong. 


Scanning through the papers, coldness glimmered in Hua Zirong’s eyes.”Living up to the rumours indeed.”


“The Lianjin Guards can’t let down our reputation.” Ying stated curtly.


Admiration was plastered on Hua Zirong’s eyes. “However, this piece of information is incomplete; you haven’t found out that person’s identity.” He deliberately tried to find fault with the result.


“This subordinate thinks that said person’s identity has already been revealed, but that it is too soon to expose them. Doing so may alert them, and put the plan in jeopardy.”


“You can’t even inform this Monarch?” Hua Zirong asked despite understanding that certain rules of the Lianjin Guards couldn’t be broken. Nonetheless, their greatest creed was that they had to show the utmost loyalty towards the owner of the secret whistle. Otherwise, they would be punished by having their limbs pulled apart by five horse-carts.


Ying could understand what he was getting at, but he simply smiled. “This subordinate can’t say it.”


“In that case, I’ll be waiting for the good news.”


Ying nodded. “This subordinate will definitely not let Your Majesty down.”


“Withdraw.” Hua Zirong waved his hand.


Ying then skirted into the dark while Hua Zirong continued to look at the intelligence report in front of him. Upon reading through each and every one of Hua Ziqing’s deeds that had been done behind his back, the temperature in his heart dropped further.


This Monarch has really underestimated you, but now your act has been exposed. I wonder, what will you do next?

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