Someone responded from within the medical clinic. “Who is it? It’s the middle of the night, and jeez, this is disturbing my sleep.”


“Doctor Li, I beg of you, please save my child.” The woman implored miserably.


Doctor Li opened the entrance. “Isn’t this Little Fourth’s wife? What’s the matter?”


“Huzi is running a high fever that just won’t subside. I’m really at my wits’ end.”


“Ah, Huzi is burning with a fever, come on in, I’ll check on him.”


Doctor Li took the child, but once he examined him, he immediately slumped to the ground. “It’s over…quickly put the child down and get away from him.”


“Doctor Li, what’s wrong?”


“Listen to me, put him down right now.”


Despite being at a loss, the woman still did as she was told.


“Huzi’s mother, Huzi is infected with the plague. There’s no cure, and we are likely to share his fate if we continue staying with him.” Panic was written all over Doctor Li’s face.


As soon as the woman heard the word ‘plague’, she was stupefied. “What…how can it be? How could my Huzi possibly be infected?”


“Huzi’s mother, now that things have come to this, we have to quickly report things to the government office. It would be terrible if we bring harm to others.” Doctor Li made a decision promptly.


Hearing that Doctor Li wanted to report this case to the authorities, Huzi’s mother was suddenly filled with an inexplicable strength as she took her child and ran out.


Doctor Li tried to give chase, but couldn’t catch up with her. Sighing to himself, he went over to the soldiers guarding the door.


“Who is it? It’s in the middle of the night and you’re not sleeping.” The soldier came forward to get a better look at Doctor Li’s face. In response, Doctor Li quickly retreated several steps.


“Sir official, first things first, please stay far away from me.” 


The soldier’s eyes narrowed. “What’s going on?”


After Doctor Li explained everything that had transpired, the soldier became panicky. “Don’t get any closer.”


“Sir official, don’t worry, I won’t go over.” Doctor Li’s eyes became indifferent.


Soon, the soldier had informed the commander-in-chief who hurried over. 


“Where are the two people you mentioned?” The commander-in-chief asked.


Doctor Li shook his head. “As soon as this lowly one suggested coming to the government office, she left with her child.”


The commander-in-chief ordered, “Everyone, search for these two people; make sure to conduct the search secretly so that we don’t alert the civilians in Liujing.”


The soldiers immediately dispersed, heading in various directions.


“Take him back to the medical clinic and guard him strictly.” He then instructed another soldier.


The commander-in-chief looked towards Doctor Li. “You are a doctor yourself; go back and treat yourself first.”


Gratitude flowed into Doctor Li’s eyes. “This lowly one understands, Commander-in-chief. After I leave, please use heated vinegar to fume this place.”


A soldier then led him away while maintaining an appropriate distance.


Watching Doctor Li’s departing figure, admiration emerged in the commander-in-chief’s eyes. This is what a physician who helps the dying and saves the injured should be like.


“Why are all of you still standing here? Quickly follow the doctor’s instructions. Keep this matter to yourself.” The commander-in-chief ordered.


The soldiers scattered and began working on their tasks while the commander-in-chief mounted a horse and headed for Xiliu’s imperial palace.

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