In the army barracks, the commander was seated in a chair while flipping through some military books when a soldier bursted in. “Commander, bad news! The Third Platoon is all running with a high fever, and we’re afraid that they may have also become infected with the plague.””


The commander’s eyes frosted over. “What did you say? Didn’t the army doctor just have all of you drink some prevention medicine?”


The soldier was also baffled. “Commander, this subordinate is also unsure what is going on.”


The commander’s eyes grew even more frigid. “Call the army doctor over.”


Without waiting for the soldier to come out and bring him in, the army doctor entered with his medicine box in hand.


The commander’s eyes immediately locked onto the old man. “Explain properly; what on earth is going on? Why is there a sudden outbreak after everyone has drunk the medicine?”


The army doctor felt helpless. “This old man is also not sure. Normally, those with early symptoms of the infection should be cured by the medicine, and those without it should become immune..”


“And what is happening now?”


Struggling with an internal conflict inside, the army doctor didn’t know if he should voice his own thoughts.


Noticing his hesitation, the commander said coldly. “Just shoot.”


“Commander, this old man can only be sure after an examination.” The army doctor finally spoke after a while.


The commander nodded. “Alright, this commander will go with you.”


The army doctor’s expression became worried as he tried to convince the commander otherwise. “Commander, you mustn’t. If you also get infected with the plague…”


The commander simply waved his hand. “There is no difference between my life and the lives of the soldiers.” 


He then walked out of the army tent, the army doctor following behind.


Before entering the tent of the Third Platoon, the army doctor passed the anti-plague masks to the commander and the other soldiers with them.


“This mask may be designed for prevention, but…” The army doctor didn’t finish his sentence, but the implication was clear: whether one lives or dies is still up to the heavens.


After they were done with preparations, the commander led the others into the tent.


Upon entering, they were greeted by the sight of the Third Platoon’s faces distorted in agony and flushed red. The army doctor quickly went forth to examine them, but as he did so, his heart only pounded harder against his ribcage.


By the time the army doctor was finished with the examinations, he felt as if his heart would fly out from his throat.


Detecting that something was amiss, the commander queried. “What’s wrong?”


The army doctor shook his head. “Their plague symptoms have worsened, I’m afraid…”


The commander hauled the army doctor by the collar, his face burning with fury. “Why is this happening?”


Only helplessness remained in the army doctor’s eyes. “This old man also doesn’t know.”


The commander released his grip, letting his turbulent emotions recede. “Go and find a way; nothing must happen to even a single one of them.”


Understanding how he was feeling right now, the army doctor replied, “This old man will try my best.”


The commander pointed at a soldier at the side. “Follow the army doctor and investigate this matter thoroughly.”


The soldier nodded, prepared to handle this task seriously.


The group split up, the commander returning to his own tent as uneasiness suffocated his heart.




Meanwhile, a woman carrying her child knocked on the door to a medical clinic frantically.

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