Despite the coldness in Wu Ling’s eyes, he smiled faintly. Yun Ruofeng will not follow me to the posthouse, but the whole point is that my Master wishes to let him suffer a loss..


A mocking smile was at the corner of Yun Ruofeng’s mouth. “Prince Hao’s subordinate is really bold to dare do such a thing in Xiliu’s territory.”


He framed it in a brutal manner, elevating the issue to one that involved two countries.


Wu Ling glanced at the expressions of the people surrounding them. It’s about time.


“Since Prince Yun insists on being like this, this subordinate can’t force you. I shall leave now.”


And with that, Wu Ling and the guards he had brought along turned and left, leaving the door open as they left.


“Keep your eyes to yourself.” Yun Ling fiercely told off the crowd that was joining in to watch the commotion before closing the doors with a look of disdain.


Yun Ling then similarly closed the door. “Your Highness, what does he mean? To think that he brought such trouble.”


“No big deal. Pei Qianhao just wants to punish this Prince. He used that cloaked man as an excuse.” Yun Ruofeng immediately analysed the situation.


“Your Highness, the matter just now was seen by others. If word of it gets out, I’m afraid it would affect…” He didn’t finish his sentence, but his meaning was already clear.


Yun Ruofeng clenched his fists tightly. “Regarding that, this Prince will claim it all back from Pei Qianhao eventually.”


Yun Ling could only sigh inwardly. His Highness has practically lost sight of himself for the sake of Princess Consort Hao.




Meanwhile, someone had already informed Lanshan of what had happened.


Lanshan’s gaze was cold as she took a glimpse at the cloaked man sitting in front of her. “This was also devised by you?”


“No, it’s just that I needed to free myself, so I used him as a shield.” The cloaked man said coldly.


Lanshan’s mouth held mockery. “You are really capable; provoking Prince Hao and then Yun Ruofeng in quick succession.”


“Don’t worry, Yun Ruofeng still has use for me, so he won’t do anything to me. Besides, he doesn’t have that ability.” The cloaked man said in a conceited manner.


Lanshan’s eyes were icy cold. “When the time comes, don’t say that I haven’t reminded you. A hypocritical gentleman is much harder to deal with than a real despicable person.


“Not only does Yun Ruofeng wish to get the beauty, he also wants the country.” She reminded him without much emotion.


The cloaked man smiled faintly. “Only if he possesses desires can he be made use of.”


“Although you treat him as a chess piece, he may not treat you the same way. You better take care of yourself.” Lanshan advised him.


The cloaked man nodded. “I understand.”


Lanshan spoke no longer and continued to turn the Buddha beads in her hand.


Wu Ling went back to the posthouse with the guards.”Your Highness, that person is indeed not where Yun Ruofeng is. Huige flew to the top floor upon catching the scent.


Pei Qianhao’s gaze grew cold. “The guards in the bamboo hut are not to withdraw. Check that meticulously.”


Wu Ling nodded and left the main hall.


Su Xi-er sneered. “It seems like there are many people who want to scheme against me.”


“Xi-er, this Prince will take care of all of them.” Pei Qianhao made a promise.


Du Ling laughed coldly. “We should set off now, otherwise, they’ll all think that we are pushovers.”


The trio exchanged knowing glances, understanding one another without the need for words.

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