Upon receiving Pei Qianhao’s order, the guard swiftly left the room.


Du Ling grinned. “If you do this, I’m afraid Yun Ruofeng is going to suffocate from depression.”


“He won’t. On the contrary, he will actively cooperate with us.” Pei Qianhao claimed confidently.


Su Xi-er’s eyes were icy cold. “A-Jing, Yun Ruofeng is likely used as a shield by someone else this time.”


Pei Qianhao gazed at her affectionately. “Xi-er.”


Du Ling couldn’t help but sigh. “Xi-er, Prince Hao, what riddle are you playing this time?”


“Elder Brother, have you forgotten? Yun Ruofeng is not the only person in Xiangxiu House.” Su Xi-er reminded him teasingly.


Du Ling felt as if he had achieved enlightenment. “You’re saying…?” But Su Xi-er waved her hand, cutting him off.


“Shh, we can’t say it out loud.”


The three smiled at one another with tacit understanding.




Arriving outside Yun Ruofeng’s private room, Wu Ling and the other guards banged on the doors, attracting the attention of the other guests.


Inside the room, Yun Ruofeng signalled with his eyes for Yun Ling to open the door.


“What brings Prince Hao’s guards here in the middle of the night?” A smirk hung on his mouth, not surprised about their visit.


Wu Ling showed a placid expression. “Is the person who barged into the posthouse with Prince Yun?”


He made sure to raise his voice, and the other guests began to whisper as they started to understand what was happening.


Noticing the reaction from the bystanders, Yun Ruofeng could only flash a polite smile. “Why don’t we have the conversation inside so that we don’t disrupt others?”


This Prince is giving you face; you better know what’s best for you.


Wu Ling’s gaze was contemptful. “I hope that Prince Yun can reconsider. If the person that barged into the posthouse belongs to you, please come with me to explain things clearly. Otherwise, I don’t know what Prince Hao may do.” 


The meaning in his words were clear: I’m certain that they belong to you, and you are not getting away so easily.


The onlookers also understood what he was driving at, and their chattering got even louder.


Yun Ling wanted to close the door, but was blocked by the guards. The former pulled out the sword at his waist, prepared to engage in a fight.


Yun Ruofeng called out. “Yun Ling, come back. When other people’s dogs aren’t polite, why should you as a human fuss over it?”


His words had clearly insulted Wu Ling, but the latter ignored his taunt. “Prince Yun, this subordinate is only following orders.”


“This Prince finds all of you too arrogant, pinning all sorts of unfounded blame on this Prince.” Yun Ruofeng clenched his fists.


He had figured out that Wu Ling was purposely splashing dirty water at him, and wanted the civilians to know about it.


With just one move, he has completely smeared my reputation. Ning Lianchen currently controls everything in Nanzhao, and with the loss of my forces, I won’t be able to shake its foundation. Still, the other regions were performing decently. However, this move of Pei Qianhao’s… Hah! To be so arrogant after snatching my Lan-er away! Lan-er will be mine eventually!


Wu Ling said calmly, “Prince Yun, if that person isn’t your subordinate, I will definitely apologise.”

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