Su Xi-er nodded. “I am. It’s just that I was originally a palace maid from the Palace Side Quarters. It’s still better for you to avoid calling me Miss Su”


“You are no longer a servant after you arrive here. This old servant’s surname is ‘Sun’. You can just call me ‘Eunuch Sun' like the other women.” Eunuch Sun’s gaze then landed on Hong Li and Ruo Yuan. “These two are the servant girls you have brought here, Miss Su?”


Su Xi-er smiled. “Eunuch Sun, we are wearing the same clothes and all come from the Palace Side Quarters. Why would they be my servant girls?”


Eunuch Sun understood her intention. “Even if they aren’t your servant girls, they have still come to take care of you. There will be no further discussion on this matter. Follow this old servant now.”


Eunuch Sun then walked towards the Beauty Hall.


Following along, they passed another small path. This one was filled with clusters of vibrantly blooming flowers that had Ruo Yuan and Hong Li widening their eyes at the most beautiful scenery they have ever seen.


As for Su Xi-er, she gave a cursory glance at the flowers before turning her attention elsewhere, neither astonished nor probing.


Eunuch Sun noticed all of this. These palace maids shouldn’t have even been able to leave the Palace Side Quarters without a decree, much less leave the imperial palace itself. Yet, Su Xi-er still fails to show any sign of astonishment that has engulfed the other two. Even if she isn’t shocked speechless, she should at least be curious or impressed.


However, not only did she fail to do that, she simply glanced around as if she is long used to this kind of scenery. How could someone from the Palace Side Quarters be so indifferent to such a sight?


Eunuch Sun couldn’t help but be a little baffled.


After walking for roughly 15 minutes, Su Xi-er saw a small room. There was a small signboard inscribed with the words ‘Beauty Plaque’.


Hehe, this Beauty Palace really pays particular attention to aesthetics and details. The word ‘beauty’ is written everywhere.


First it is in the Beauty Hall. Then the Beauty Plaque. Pei Qianhao really has the mood to play with these repeatedly.


“Miss Su, come with this old servant. The other two, stand outside the door.” Eunuch Sun then walked into the room while Su Xi-er followed closely behind, the door closing behind them.


There was a tall and large cupboard resembling a medicine cupboard placed in the room. Each of the tiny drawers had a plaque hanging outside.


She cast a perfunctory glance at the tablets and happened to see the words ‘He Xiangyu.”


So it turns out that ‘Beauty Palace’ is actually for this purpose. Every time a beauty comes in, she would carve her name onto a plaque. Could the thing in the drawer is something every woman uses to prove that her body is pure and unsullied?


“Miss Su, this old servant will carve your name onto a plaque later on. There were originally 72 beauties, but a beauty suddenly died a few days ago. Her body has already been carried away, and her position will be superseded by you.”


Carried away? To where? In the eyes of Pei Qianhao, I’m afraid that these beauties are nothing at all.


Su Xi-er asked, “Doesn’t Prince Hao pursue the matter of the deceased beauty? Did he randomly bury her or…?”


“Miss Su, there are some things you can’t ask. This old servant will engrave your name onto the plaque now.” Eunuch Sun then began to start work.


“There’s no need for that Eunuch Sun. I won’t be staying here for long anyways. Even disregarding that, I was brought here by the Empress Dowager without considering Prince Hao’s wishes.. I’m afraid that it wouldn’t be good if we rashly carve the name without careful consideration.”


Eunuch Sun smiled. “Miss Su, you are worrying too much. Any beauty who comes here has to carve their names regardless of who they are taking orders from. Furthermore, even if Prince Hao pursues the matter, he should be reproaching the Empress Dowager.”


Su Xi-er shook her head. “Eunuch Sun, you said that wrong. If all the women who come to the Beauty Palace have to engrave their names, the two standing outside the room also have to come in to carve their names.”


“This… Eunuch Sun was feeling awkward. In the end, he could only reply, “They aren’t beauties, so their names can’t be carved onto the Beauty Plaques. Moreover, every woman in this Beauty Palace has a servant girl waiting upon them. In the end, it’s still better for you to carve your name onto a plaque first.”

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