All of a sudden, Pei Qianhao and Du Ling entered the room. Marching towards the red light, the former pulled out the sword at his waist and directly swung it at the red light, slicing it away.


Seeing Pei Qianhao take the lead, Du Ling retreated outside the room in preparation to trap their target that was within their grasp.


As it turned out, the red light was simply that: a special effect created by some special powder smeared on spider webs.


The cloaked man knew that he would no longer be able to take Su Xi-er away, so he swiftly retreated and leapt out of the window. However, he didn’t expect for Du Ling to be waiting outside to entangle him with a whip.


With a wave of the cloaked man’s sleeve, a dagger chopped the whip in two.


Some excitement shimmered in Du Ling’s cold eyes. He threw away the whip and pulled out his sword, engaging in a brawl with the cloaked man. 


Wu Ling quickly rounded the corner and joined in, putting the cloaked man at a disadvantage. Just as it looked as if he would be overwhelmed, another masked man dressed in cyan robes appeared. Scattering some white powder in the air, smoke began to emerge, giving the two men some cover to retreat.


Wu Ling wanted to give chase, but Su Xi-er stopped him. “Don’t chase a cornered enemy, for it may lead to them biting back. His body is already stained with Yu Xiao’s tracking powder, so he won’t be able to escape.”


Yu Xiao walked out and gently patted Huige who was perched on his shoulder. Huige’s black beady eyes moved, and he flew away cleverly.


“Follow Huige and you will be able to find them.” Yu Xiao said coldly.


Wu Ling knew that Yu Xiao’s personality had undergone a drastic change after his arm was injured, so he paid no attention to his cold demeanour, only nodding as he brought some guards to follow Huige.


“Xi-er, let’s return to the room.” Pei Qianhao pulled Su Xi-er back. Worried about them, Du Ling followed the two into the room.


A tense atmosphere draped over the room.


“Xi-er, do you want to tell this Prince what exactly is going on?” Pei Qianhao asked with a frightening smile, though worry flashed past his eyes.


Su Xi-er smiled. “A-Jing, it was my decision to use myself as bait to lure him out.”


“Western Region King, did you know about this too?” Pei Qianhao’s gaze was frigid, though his smile remained.


Du Ling confessed. “Mmm, Xi-er mentioned it to me.”


“That is to say, only this Prince was kept in the dark?” The smile on his visage faded slightly.


Su Xi-er softly treaded over to his side. “A-Jing, didn’t you already know about this? You weren’t against it either, right?”


Helplessness flickered in Pei Qianhao’s eyes. “Xi-er, don’t let the same thing happen again.”


“A-Jing, you already know that even if I wasn’t able to defeat him, I’d still be able to protect myself. Besides, Wu Ling and Yu Xiao were there as well.” Su Xi-er smiled sweetly.


Pei Qianhao enveloped her in his arms affectionately. “Xi-er, this Prince knows that your combat skills are decent, but you are pregnant after all. You’re not alone anymore.”


“So you were only worried about the child and not me, A-Jing.” Su Xi-er purposely tried to distort the meaning of his words, and displayed a face full of grievances.


Pei Qianhao tapped her on the nose dotingly. “Jeez.”


Seeing that things were resolved, Du Ling wanted to walk out and leave them some alone time. As he did so, a calculative look glimmered in Pei Qianhao’s eyes.


Noticing the change in his emotions, Su Xi-er couldn’t help but smile. Elder Brother, don’t blame me for not helping you. After all, I’m just done with coaxing A-Jing. You better take care!

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