“Back then, that piece of yellow cloth I was swaddled with is the last scripture.” Yin said coldly.


Hua Ziqing smirked. “No wonder everyone couldn’t find it. The reason he decided to spare your life is likely due to this piece of yellow cloth as well.”


“Who knows? In any case, it wasn’t because he cared about me.” Yin remarked emotionlessly.


“What do you plan to do next?”


“Continue walking my own path. You take care too. The deal between us also ends now.” Yin threw the bloodstained yellow cloth on the table and left.


Watching his departing figure, Hua Ziqing made no attempts to ask him to stay, clear that their relationship was nothing more than a deal.


He had used the child as bait to make Madame Wen kill Wen Yazhi. On the surface, it seemed like they were trying to harm Du Ling, but it had in fact created the opportunity for Yin to return to the Prime Minister Residence. This was how he found the Buddha scripture, the most crucial jigsaw puzzle of XIliu’s imperial secret scrolls.


The woman in white was just a Xiqu (Chinese opera) artist who he had found. Using this matter to force Prime Minister Wen, drawing Hua Zirong into a trap, sacrificing Li Zikang, and safeguarding the big picture. 


All of this events were linked seamlessly, and it even encompassed every single person.


At the thought, he couldn’t help but smirk. I wonder who the next person who enters this web will be.




In a private room.


Yun Ruofeng stared at the paper in front of him as he sat on a chair.


“It looks like Hua Ziqing has really hidden himself very deeply. It may look like he’s hanging over the edge of an abyss with every step, but all of his actions have purpose.”


“Your Highness, with how deep this person’s schemes run, how are we going to continue?” Concern flickered in Yun Ling’s eyes. 


If I hadn’t personally discovered this information, I wouldn’t have been able to accept that the gentlemanly Hua Ziqing has a heart as deep as the abyss.


Yun Ruofeng laughed coldly. “That is best then. I’m all the more looking forward to the deal with him then.”


“Your Highness, please reconsider.” Yun Ling pleaded sincerely.


Yun Ruofeng simply smiled. “After going through the Disaster Relief Banquet, this Prince wants Lan-er even more. With Lan-er’s civil and martial capabilities, and this Prince’s astuteness, there’s no one who can match up to us.”


“Your Highness, although Princess Consort Yun is intelligent, her heart is currently not here.” Yun Ling’s words hit home.


Yun Ruofeng’s eyes turned frigid. “My meeting date with the masked man is tomorrow. This Prince was very much hoping for Lan-er to return to my side.”


“Your Highness, do you honestly believe that Princess Consort Yun can come back willingly?”


Yun Ling felt that in Yun Ruofeng’s pursuit of conquering the world, he had already descended into insanity in his attempt to obtain Su Xi-er.


Yun Ruofeng smiled faintly. “Are you doubting this Prince?”


“This subordinate doesn’t dare. I was just worried about Your Highness.” Yun Ling replied respectfully.


Yun Ruofeng’s eyes turned gentle, and a smirk formed at the corner of his mouth. “Yun Ling, this Prince isn’t sure if it will be willingly, but I can be sure that for the sake of the deal, that person will definitely have Lan-er return to my side.”


Yun Ling showed a look of realisation. “This subordinate has thought too much.”


“Yun Ling, this Prince understands your loyalty very well. However, there won’t be a second time.” Yun Ruofeng’s eyes were cold as he gave a warning.


Guilt flashed past Yun Ling’s eyes. “This subordinate understands.”


He then returned to the shadows.


Yun Ruofeng smirked as if everything was within his grasp.


At this moment, a black shadow had swiftly arrived at the well in Liujing, emptying a packet of white powder into it with a cold smile.

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