Indignance erupted in Prime Minister Wen’s eyes, but his strength was like that of a deflated balloon. “You betrayed me.”


Madame Wen only laughed coldly. “It’s about time we also come to a resolution.”


“What are you trying to do?” Prime Minister Wen’s eyes shimmered with coldness.


Madame Wen didn’t answer, simply smiling gently as she embraced him, allowing the blood from his wound to stain her immaculate clothes.


“Patriarch, I didn’t expect you to be so ruthless. Both of us are in the wrong.”


She picked up the sword that Yin had left on the ground, turning it in her grip before cleanly thrusting it into Prime Minister Wen’s back, as well as through her own heart..


Blood trickled out the corner of Madame Wen’s mouth, while an incredulous look imprinted itself on Prime Minister Wen’s visage. 


Tears finally poured from Prime Minister Wen’s eyes. “I was wrong…so wrong…”


All this time, Yin had bore witness to the scene. With the two of them about to leave for the Huangquan (Yellow Springs), Yin decided to turn around and leave with resolve. Perhaps even death is unable to change the fate of some things.


After walking out of the cell, his heart was now frozen in ice. “Chase out everyone in the Prime Minister Residence and burn it down.”


A black shadow flashed past him, and a few seconds later, the Prime Minister Residence was set ablaze, the towering flames licking the air.


The soldiers guarding the city were scared silly, and despite their valiant efforts to extinguish the fire, the blaze proved too large for them to handle. Standing at a vantage point, Yin watched as the residence was reduced to ashes, the crimson flames setting the sky alight with an eerie glow.


The news of the Prime Minister Residence going up in flames rapidly spread through Liujing with varying degrees of accuracy, but all managed to instill panic in the hearts of the civilians.


By the time Hua Zirong heard of this matter in Liu Hall, his eyes were icy cold.


“Yingzi (Shadow), what’s going on?”


“Your Majesty, I’m afraid this is the ending.” The guard dressed in black said respectfully.


Hua Zirong’s expression grew even colder. “Is that so?”


“Your Majesty, Prime Minister Wen is dead.”


Hua Zirong sneered. “He’s dead only after we see his corpse. Pass down the order: Even if we have to shovel out all the ashes, this Monarch still wants to sieve out his remnants.”


“This subordinate obeys the order.” He then withdrew.




In Liushui Xiaozhu.


Seated in a chair, Hua Ziqing browsed through some books on tea ceremony with rapt attention.


“Prince Qing, the Prime Minister Residence was burnt to the ground, and Prime Minister Wen along with it.”


Hua Ziqing waved his hand. “This Prince understands. You may withdraw first.” A while later, he smiled in a certain direction. “What made you change your plan?”


“Nothing much, it was just a minor interlude.” Yin walked out from the shadows and poured himself a cup of tea.


“This doesn’t seem like your personality.”


“This is the best ending.” An indiscernible sliver of grief flashed past his eyes, though it was swiftly concealed by a faint smile.


Hua Ziqing closed his book. “You have already obtained the item?”


“Of course, though I didn’t expect that the thing you’ve wanted for so long was always in my hands.” 


A tinge of a tragic smile hung on the edges of Yin’s mouth, giving him a desolate appearance as mixed feelings wrecked him.


Puzzlement emerged in Hua Ziqing’s eyes. “What’s going on?”

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