Prime Minister Wen’s eyes were like a black whirlpool. “That’s right, I’m really drowning in regret. To think that I have calculated against others all my life, only to have the same done to me by my own son.”


“This is what they call karma, Prime Minister Wen, your karma for killing your son.” Yin stated coldly.


Prime Minister Wen only laughed coldly. “Karma? I have never believed in karma; I can only admit that my skills simply paled in comparison.”


“Isn’t it time for you to hand over the Xiliu imperial secret scrolls you have hidden, Prime Minister Wen?” Yin continued to question.


A smirk spread across Prime Minister Wen’s face. “I thought you really came for revenge, but it turns out that you are after that thing too. Tell me, who is the mastermind behind you?”


Yin kept quiet, a trace of a sneer in his eyes.


“ Even if you don’t say it, I know who it is. It’s Hua Ziqing, right? Since Hua Zirong doesn’t know about these matters, there is only one possible culprit. As expected of that person’s descendant.”


“Are you going to hand it over or not?”


“You wasted so much time in the Prime Minister Residence, yet you didn’t manage to find it? So ridiculous.” A contemptful look glimmered in Prime Minister Wen’s eyes.


Yin pulled out the sword from his waist and held it by his neck. “Speak.”


“The Xiliu imperial secret scrolls I possess have already been given to His Majesty; you won’t find anything hidden on me.” Prime Minister said firmly.


Yin’s sneer deepened. “With how crafty you are, it’s impossible that you haven’t let yourself a way out.”


“Hah!” Prime Minister Wen laughed. “I’m going to die anyway, so let that thing be buried with me. If I can’t keep it, none of you should dream of getting your hands on it either.”


Ice covered Yin’s eyes, and the sword pierced into Prime Minister Wen’s shoulder.




Hearing the voice, Yin deftly pulled out the sword, causing blood to spurt out from Prime Minister Wen’s wound. The pain was apparent by the huge beads of sweat flowing down the latter’s face.


“Xiaoyu, mum knows where the thing you want is. Please let your dad off.” The person who came was Madame Wen, her eyes filled with anxiety as she implored.


Yin’s eyes glimmered coldly. “I bet you have been there eavesdropping for the whole time, right? Even after hearing everything, you still want me to let him off?”


Madame Wen could only smile bitterly. “Xiaoyu, although I wasn’t aware of what happened back then, I am also burdened with heavy sins because I didn’t investigate and trusted them easily. If this is the reason, then I should also die.”


“Do you really love him so much to the point that you are willing to die for him?” Yin sneered as sorrow clouded his eyes, but it quickly vanished. “Hand that thing over. From now on, I will cut ties with the two of you.”


Madame Wen’s heart shattered into a million pieces, but her eyes grew icy cold once she saw the injured Prime Minister Wen.


“The last Buddha scripture is the piece of yellow cloth on the floor.” She uttered the words with the pain of a thousand knives piercing her heart. She knew that once the words left her mouth, it would signify that her son would never return.


The hatred in her heart bored a hole through her.


Hearing those words, Yin picked up the yellow cloth from the floor and left without sparing the two a single glance.

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