Hearing the sound from inside the cell, Prime Minister Wen’s eyes filled with a faint bitterness. “I should have already known that it was you.”


Yin showed no surprise, the smirk at the tips of his mouth ever the same. “What do you think? The child you tried to kill with your own hands back then has transformed into a ferocious beast and returned.”


“What happened back then was due to my negligence.”


“Negligence? Only Madame Wen may fall for your lies.” Rancour glinted in Yin’s eyes as his smirk grew wider.


“You were just a newly born infant then; how could you know the truth? Everything you know is information that has been fed to you by someone else.”


“Oh? Do you mean to say that you know the person who saved me and goaded me to seek you out for revenge?” Yin questioned coldly.


Prime Minister Wen shook his head. “If I knew who was so vicious as to make us father and son mangle each other, there is no chance that I would have let this person off.” Despite his cold eyes, his body was already on alert.


Gazing at his appearance, the iciness in Yin’s eyes became even more complicated. “It has already come to this, yet you still haven’t given up on concocting excuses. It’s so ridiculous.”


“Child, listen to me. Don’t fall for someone else’s trap in sowing discord. Back then, your mother and I genuinely thought that you were a stillborn. That’s the only reason we could have abandoned you.” Coldness flashed past Prime Minister Wen’s eyes, though it was swiftly replaced by grief.


Yin mocked coldly. “Prime Minister Wen, you may be crafty and slippery, but none of that will work on me.”


“Things are already like this; what do I gain from lying to you?” Prime Minister Wen pretended to urge him desperately.


Beneath his exterior, his heart was already as cold as a blade. I’m better off without a child like this.


Yin’s gaze grew even more frosty. “Since you claim that you were clueless back then, I’ll make you admit to it willingly.”


He threw a bloodstained yellow cloth in front of Prime Minister Wen.


“ Make sure to look through it properly.”


Prime Minister Wen opened the yellow cloth, his heart inwardly sneering upon seeing the words in red.


He kept the same expression. “This is a setup. Child, someone is framing me.”


“Even a ruthless tiger won’t devour its cub; how could I possibly kill you?” A ripple of emotion finally emerged in Prime Minister Wen’s visage as he shouted.


Yin merely sneered. “Prime Minister Wen is indeed the leader of the officials; your acting skills are top-tier. However, none of that matters. Your fate is sealed, and your desperate struggles won’t change anything.”


“If you kill me, that will be condemnable by the heavens.”


“No, I won’t kill you, because I want to make your life a living hell.” Yin smiled coldly yet resolutely.


Prime Minister Wen clenched his fists tightly, a ruthless look in his eyes. “You’re even worse than livestock; to think that you want to kill your father.”


“If I’m even worse than livestock, then you’d be even worse than a beast. Neither of us is better than the other. You can only blame yourself for passing on your genes.” Yin remarked sarcastically.


Regret punctured Prime Minister Wen. Oh, why did my heart have to soften back then? Even if he was supposedly foolish, I still shouldn’t have left him alive. Now, the prophecy has come true, and this child is the bane of me.


“Prime Minister Wen, are you regretting that you didn’t kill me when I returned to the Prime Minister Residence? Not only that, but that you even made a deal for me?” Yin’s mouth held a derisive smile.

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