A faint smile flickered in Hua Ziqing’s eyes when he saw Yin’s eyes coldly glittering before the latter spoke.


“It’s time for me to go back. I bet a certain someone will be arriving soon.”


Hua Ziqing waved his hand and nodded, a profound look in his eyes.


Yin wore the mask of Prime Minister Wen’s face again before openly walking out of Liushui Xiaozhu.




In Liu Hall.


Hua Zirong had changed out of his dragon robes, and was now wearing simple black robes that were embroidered with gold dragons.


Sitting on a chair, his eyes were fixed on the diagram Su Xi-er had sketched.


Despite being stunned the first time he saw it, the more he pored over it, the more he envied Pei Qianhao for having such an astute and intelligent princess consort.


Suddenly, Hua Zirong’s eyes became focused again. “How did it go?” He asked coldly.


A man completely wrapped in black with only his eyes exposed stood in front of Hua Zirong. “He went to Liushui Xiaozhu and had an enjoyable conversation with Prince Qing.”


“With your abilities, that’s not all you have detected, right?” Hua Zirong smirked.


The eyes of the man glinted coldly. “That man is not Prime Minister Wen. His footsteps were light and quick, making it evident that he is a competent martial arts practitioner, something impossible for the heavy-set Prime Minister..”


“But then, why would he not react when you tested him in the main hall with your sword?” Hua Zirong questioned.


The guard knew that Hua Zirong had already believed his words, and the latter was simply asking him not to withhold any other information.


“Not entirely. Although he didn’t retaliate then, he had involuntarily straightened his back.”


Admiration rose in Hua Zirong’s eyes. “What else did you find?”


“I’m afraid that the person in the dark Your Majesty is investigating is connected to Prince Qing. To be more precise, said person is collaborating with Prince Qing and is also the fake Prime Minister Wen who came today.” 


Hua Zirong’s eyes frosted over. “This is a dereliction of duty on your part. To think that Prime Minister Wen could be swapped out under your very eyes.”


“This subordinate will reflect on it properly.” The guard in black’s expression was respectful.


“You must find Prime Minister Wen by today. Figure out who exactly the fake Prime Minister Wen is, and determine his relationship with Prince Qing. If any more problems occur, you should give up your role of being a shadow.”


“This subordinate understands.” The guard disappeared, hiding in some corner of Liu Hall.


Hua Zirong continued to check through public records, though his heart grew colder the more he read.


There are too many matters to follow up with the disaster in Meng County, and the thoughtless actions of some officials aren’t making it any better.


“Your Majesty, someone from the army barracks has come with an urgent matter.” An eunuch entered Liu Hall.


“Let him in.”


A soldier from the army barracks was immediately brought into Liu Hall. He quickly passed the emergency letter to the eunuch, who then handed it to Hua Zirong.


Opening the letter, Hua Zirong’s expression turned solemn. “Pass down this Monarch’s verbal edict: Investigate Meng County thoroughly. Show no mercy to anyone who dares to hide anything.”

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