In Liushui Xiaozhu.


Hua Ziqing was clad in a white changshan as he sat on a chair, a pot of tea brewing in front of him. The masked man stood to the side, reporting all that had happened during the Disaster Relief Banquet.


“It looks like Princess Consort Hao is indeed a woman of wonder. To think that she could come up with such a novel idea.” Admiration flickered in Hua Ziqing’s eyes.


“Should we go and steal it for ourselves?”


“Of course, but I believe Prince Yun will act even faster than us, so let’s quietly watch from the sidelines for now.” A calculative smile popped up at the corners of Hua Ziqing’s mouth.


“This subordinate understands.” 


“Alright, you may withdraw. A guest has arrived.”


The masked man was puzzled, but still obeyed the order. Not long after, Prime Minister Wen entered the room.


Hua Ziqing couldn’t help but tease. “Are you here because you want to push Prime Minister Wen out of the abyss?”


“I didn’t expect that he still didn’t die after I did that.”


“That’s because you don’t understand what the three characters in Prime Minister Wen’s name represent. No matter how you rebut Hua Zirong, as long as this Prince is still around, he won’t touch Prime Minister Wen.” Hua Ziqing explained.


Prime Minister Wen smirked. “That’s right, even I am considering whether I should kill you first.”


Hearing how he tried to cover it up as a joke, Hua Ziqing’s eyes glinted with coldness. “This Prince really didn’t think that you would have such thoughts, Yin.”


‘Prime Minister Wen’ held an index finger over his mouth. “I am Prime Minister Wen, Prince Qing.”


“Oh, Prime Minister Wen, why did you come looking for this Prince?”


Hua Ziqing understood his intentions, and spotted a black figure outside the window. The former gestured a little with a placid expression.


“Prince Qing, this old subject is about to die, so there’s no point in keeping this item. I was originally planning to give it to Prince Qing anyways.” Prime Minister Wen coughed twice.


“If this Prince remembers correctly, Prime Minister Wen has already chosen the path he wanted.”


“This humble subject was just muddle-headed then. Now that this old subject has thought it through, Prince Qing is the true wise monarch.”


Watching him act, Hua Ziqing’s smile deepened. “In that case, this Prince accepts your sincerity.”


The sound of knocking thudded on the window from outside, but Hua Ziqing’s gaze soon returned to normal. “The person has gone.”


“It seems like Hua Zirong already has his suspicions, otherwise, he wouldn’t keep tailing you.”


“I’m not scared of his investigation, only about how I am going to extricate myself and escape.”


“Liu Hall’s people attempted to sound me out, but returned empty-handed. I believe they must have already come to a decision.”


“Have you decided that you really want him to die?” Hua Ziqing asked.


“I have never regretted my decisions. You know very well what kind of life I have suffered because of him.”


“I believe he won’t die a peaceful death.” Hua Ziqing mocked.


He then saw Prime Minister Wen take off his mask. “Wearing his face really makes me feel disgusted.”


“Don’t you usually get your subordinate to wear it? Why did you personally go to the Disaster Relief Banquet?” Hua Ziqing smiled, as if he was talking to an old friend.


Removing Prime Minister Wen’s face revealed Yin underneath. “It’s required by the plan, though I really hate this face."

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