“Imperial Physician Zhang, you are to treat Prime Minister Wen for the next few days. You may withdraw now.” Hua Zirong ordered.


Now that Imperial Physician Zhang had figured it out, he knew that Hua Zirong definitely wasn’t doing this out of concern for Prime Minister Wen. Not daring to speculate any further, he quickly withdrew.


Prime Minister Wen smiled, and started to leave with Imperial Physician Zhang when Hua Zirong pointed his finger backwards with a smirk.


Prime Minister Wen could sense a gust of air aimed straight for himself. His instincts as a martial arts practitioner told him that he would get seriously injured if he didn’t dodge. However, doing so would immediately expose him and cause all of his efforts to be in vain..


As such, he continued to walk forward without a hint of panic despite the turbulent waves in his heart.


Then, as he could practically feel the tip of a sword about to pierce his heart, the force diverted its path. As if a weight had been lifted from his heart, Prime Minister Wen’s composure as he left Liu Hall was now real.


Yes, as soon as he was out of sight, he quickened his pace to escape as quickly as possible.


Inside Liu Hall, Hua Zirong laughed coldly. “What do you all think?”


Su Xi-er smiled softly. “Don’t you already have an answer in your heart, Xiliu Monarch?”


Pei Qianhao sneered. “How can one grasp the chess pieces without jumping out of the chessboard?”


Mockery was evident on Du Ling’s countenance. “As the Monarch, you are too slow to catch on.”


Hua Zirong flashed a helpless look. “It seems like you all found out about it much earlier than I did.”


“Xiliu Monarch, if you still don’t make a decision, I’m afraid Xiliu’s calamity will be all the more impending.” Du Ling reminded him sarcastically.


Hua Zirong was well aware that their words were the hard truth, and the temperature in his heart plummeted. 


“This King does understand. However, the current situation in Xiliu is too chaotic, and the forces in the dark are all eager to move.” He smiled bitterly.


Being a monarch can make one feel helpless. Despite the influence you wield, many things can force you to exercise restraint. You can’t be too heavy-handed, nor can you be too merciful; each and every step requires careful planning.


Du Ling warned coldly. “In the dark? I’m afraid all the forces are already in the open. You don’t seriously think that the refugees came to Liujing willingly, right?”


Shock flashed past Hua Zirong’s eyes. “Western Region King, what do you mean by this?”


Su Xi-er smiled faintly. “Xiliu Monarch, the observer’s mind is confused, while the bystander’s mind is clear.”


Pei Qianhao’s expression was arrogant. “After doing nothing but sitting around in Liujing, everything you know is what you’ve heard secondhand.”


Realisation dawned upon Hua Zirong. It looks like I still don’t have sufficient grasp over Xiliu, so I may as well perform a thorough purge. It is better to cut away rotten wood, rather than allow it to fester.


Discerning that he seemed to have understood, the trio smiled at one another.


“This Monarch thanks you all for the reminder.” Hua Zirong’s gaze was humble. 


Although he was supposed to maintain the imposing demeanour that was required of a monarch, the three people before him were exceptions. One of them was Prince Hao of Beimin whose name spread far and wide, another was the Western Region King who controlled the whole of the Western Region, and the other was the Eldest Imperial Princess of Nanzhao who had once dazzled the world.


Su Xi-er smiled. “Xiliu Monarch, you are mending the fence after noticing a sheep has died, it’s better late than never.”


Du Ling similarly advised. “Chop off the grass at its roots to prevent weeds from growing everywhere.”


A faint smile was still present on Pei Qianhao’s countenance, though he kept quiet.

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