A storm brewed on Yun Ruofeng's visage as his fists clenched tightly. "Oh, is the item the Western Region King brought so unpresentable? Why else are we not allowed to see it?" His tone was incisive as he tried to sow discord.


As for the officials, they played into his hands, growing disatisfied. The Western Region King is indeed too arrogant.


Su Xi-er smiled. "What Elder Brother means is that the item he has brought is very important, and that is why he is acting so cautiously."


Pei Qianhao's gaze was contemptuous. "Prince Yun, one can have a curious heart, but not a heart with malicious intent." His tone held a warning: If you dare speak another word, you shall bear the consequences. 


Coldness shrouded Yun Ruofeng's heart. "In that case, we shall just show it to Xiliu's Monarch alone." Despite relenting verbally, he was still indignant, and an air of insanity swirled in him.


Sensing that the atmosphere was getting tense, Hua Zirong smiled. "Now you are making this King curious about what the Western Region King has brought."


Du Ling stood up and walked towards the uppermost seat where Hua Zirong was, and presented a thin piece of paper to him.


The corners of Yun Ruofeng's mouth curled into a sneer. I thought it was something special; so it's just silvers after all.


Surprise flitted across Hua Zirong's eyes as he stared at the paper in front of him. "The Western Region King is indeed amazing. An item like this is like sending charcoal during the snow for Xiliu – a timely assistance indeed."


The officials were also surprised. What kind of item must it be to receive such a high appraisal?


Du Ling returned to his seat and smiled. "This was drawn by Xi-er."


Ripples burst forth in Hua Zirong's heart as he looked towards Su Xi-er. "Princess Consort Hao is very intelligent to have drawn up such a tool. This King is full of admiration."


The officials grew even more curious. What exactly is this thing that has caused such a big reaction? Even His Majesty said that he’s full of admiration.


Su Xi-er gave a faint smile. “Xiliu’s Monarch, you are too serious. This thing hasn’t been implemented in practice yet, but it should be very suitable for the irrigation system in Xiliu. I think it is worth a try.”


Although she had put it in a humble banner, Su Xi-er was clear that the method would be a great boon to Xiliu’s irrigation system, and could effectively alleviate the problems from flooding.


Hua Zirong’s eyes were smiling. “Princess Consort Hao, you are too humble. This method is excellent.”


Pei Qianhao’s gaze turned gentle. My Xi-er is always so stunning.


“I believe all the officials and Prince Yun are wondering what this thing is?” Hua Zirong raised the slip of paper up with one hand.


The officials nodded, their eyes filled with curiosity.


“Someone, pass it to the officials for them to take a look.”


A guard at the side took the paper and passed it among the officials.


Hua Zirong then watched as the officials’ eyes lit up with admiration. “What does everyone think?”


Only Yun Ruofeng’s countenance held a sneer. Lan-er, with how astute and intelligent you are, how could this Prince bear to let you go?


“Princess Consort Hao is indeed a woman of wonder. This humble subject possesses only admiration.” The officials were full of praise.


Du Ling simply watched on indifferently. Xi-er’s level of astuteness and resourcefulness definitely doesn’t lose to Prince Hao.


Pei Qianhao continued to gaze at Su Xi-er gently, feeling honoured that he had a partner like her.

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