“Your Majesty, this humble subject thinks that since this is a national affair of Xiliu, Prince Hao of Beimin and the Western Region King shouldn’t be joining in; it will cause harm to Xiliu.” An official stood out.


Some of the other officials present also nodded in agreement.


Another official stood up. “This humble subject thinks that we should prioritise the civilians. The more heads, the higher the chances we have at producing a better solution.”


His proposal also received the support of some other officials.


With the two sides gradually reaching an impasse, Hua Zirong’s expression turned solemn. “All of you, stop talking. This Monarch asked you to think of a solution, yet all I can hear is how capable you’ve all become at shirking responsibility.”


The officials immediately fell silent, not daring to utter a single word.


“Pass down this Monarch’s edict, invite Prince Hao, the Western Region King, and Princess Consort Hao into the palace.” Hua Zirong issued an order after some contemplation.




In the posthouse.


The trio in the posthouse was leisurely eating their lunch when they noticed that Wu Ling had arrived with an envoy from Xiliu. The latter quickly expressed his intentions after some greetings.


The trio nodded, exchanging knowing smiles before following the Xiliu envoy into the imperial palace where they found Hua Zirong in a tense discussion with the officials.


“Prince Hao, Princess Consort Hao, and the Western Region King, please take your seats.”


“I believe the three of you are already aware of the refugees; this King has invited you here to discuss how to handle them.” A humble look flashed past Hua Zirong’s eyes.


Su Xi-er smiled faintly. “I have something I want to say, but I’m not sure if I should say it.”


“Please feel free, Princess Consort Hao.”


The officials went along and nodded.


Su Xi-er’s smile deepened. “The root cause of the refugees’ influx into Liujing is not the disaster in Meng County. If we wish to resolve the issue of the refugees, we must first tackle it at its core.”


“This Monarch also thinks that what Xi-er said makes sense.” Du Ling concurred.


Pei Qianhao looked towards Su Xi-er gently. “What Xi-er said is correct.”


Detecting the direction of the topic, the officials expressed their agreement. “Princess Consort Hao is smart.”


Hua Zirong smiled. “What good solution do you have, Princess Consort Hao?”


“I think we can direct the excess river water into the paddy fields where the dry farmland has created pits. This can help to shoulder part of the pressure from the water for now.” Su Xi-er proposed confidently.


Hua Zirong felt as if the fog over his head had lifted. “Princess Consort Hao is indeed a woman of wonder.”


He began to find the rumour to be more credible. Only the awe-inspiring Eldest Imperial Princess of Nanzhao, Ning Rulan, can come up with such a governance plan.


Admiration flowed into Du Ling’s heart. As expected of Nanzhao’s Eldest Imperial Princess.


Pei Qianhao watched on with pride. This Prince’s Xi-er always gives surprises to people.


The officials’ eyes were similarly filled with admiration, feeling that Pei Qianhao was very fortunate to have such a wife.


“Since there are no objections, we’ll execute. Princess Consort Hao’s plan as proposed.” He then looked towards the eunuch. “Pass down this Monarch’s edict: Construct new irrigation channels for the fields; make sure to reinforce the existing karez system of underground irrigation tunnels as well.”


Once the order was issued, all the officials praised their monarch for his wisdom.

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