In Liushui Xiaozhu.


Clad in a changshan, Hua Ziqing’s gaze was relaxed.


“Your Highness, the group of refugees making a ruckus outside Xiliu’s gates has already been settled in Liujing’s army barracks.” The man with the black mask gave a quick report on the situation outside.


Hua Ziqing smiled. “Is Hua Zirong pulling out his hair right now?"


"Hua Zirong hadn't expected something like this to happen before the Disaster Relief Banquet." The masked man said coldly.


Hua Ziqing placed a black chess piece in the middle of the chessboard. "What he's not expecting has yet to happen."


Bafflement flickered in the masked man's eyes. "Your Highness, do you mean that this matter will trigger a domino effect?"


Hua Ziqing raised his head, coldness flashing past his eyes. “The refugees will be a strain on the rations, but they also bring along other dangers.”


The masked man immediately understood the undertone in his words.


“Your Highness, since someone has already taken care of creating chaos in Liujing, should we still proceed with our plans?”


Hua Ziqing smirked coldly. “Why not? The more chaotic, the better.”


“Your Highness, regarding the matter of the refugees swarming into Liujing, this subordinate thinks that it is not as simple as it appears on the surface.” The masked man voiced his own suspicions.


A crafty look appeared in Hua Ziqing’s eyes. “What are your thoughts?”


The masked man continued. “Firstly, although the disaster in Meng County is serious, it is not to the extent of causing the civilians to lose their homes and wander around.”


Hua Ziqing smiled faintly. “Regardless of the reason, this is the best opportunity for us.”


“This subordinate understands.”


“You may withdraw.” Hua Ziqing waved his hand.


“Yes, this subordinate shall take my leave.”


Right after he left the room, Yin appeared in front of Hua Ziqing.


“Do you not intend to tell him about that matter?” Yin asked coldly.


Hua Ziqing smiled faintly. “Good chess pieces have to be positioned correctly to perform their roles.” He moved a chess piece. “Bad chess pieces have to serve as bait to reap the maximum value.”


“You really are cruel.” Yin remarked with a frigid gaze.  

“Haha!” Hua Ziqing sneered. “Speaking of cruelty, this Prince can’t compare to you. This disaster is your work, right?”


“You are right, it is a part of my plan.” Yin admitted.


“If Prime Minister Wen learns that the son he retrieved through painstaking efforts and at the cost of his daughter’s life had come for the purpose of torturing him, I’m afraid he would have lost his mind a long time ago.”


“You underestimate him. How can a person like him have feelings for his family?” Yin said sarcastically.


“Have you not gotten that item yet?” Hua Ziqing asked coldly.


“He probably doesn’t know that the reason why Xiliu’s imperial secret scrolls are important is not because of the matters recorded in them, but because they hold the location of Xiliu’s hidden treasure.”


“Speaking of it, do satisfy my curiosity. How did you find out about it?” Yin asked with a faint smile.


Hua Ziqing’s gaze remained calm. “You just have to help me bring that thing back. There’s no need to comment on anything else.”


“Alright, I’ll go back then.” Yin smiled and left.


Watching his departing figure, the corners of Hua Ziqing’s mouth rose into a cold smile. Obsession arises from humanity’s desires, and those desires are what drive people to insanity.




Hua Zirong was currently discussing how to handle the refugees with several officials in Liu Hall, bringing up Pei Qianhao and Du Ling in the process. He mentioned that they were talented in governance, but doing so led to disapproval from some of the officials.

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